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Proven Benefits of a School Management App from Parents View

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Have you noticed the change in parenting? The friendliness and openness of parents with their children of today’s age is really appreciated. Parents are now protective and aware of everything that their children are using, and affecting. At the educational level, parents are not more limited to admissions and paying fees or just taking the results of their wards. The involvement of parents in the wards’ educational life has increased. The schools are also encouraging parents’ involvement at different levels. A potent school management system will always encourage three-way dynamic communication, and active participation from the parent side.

As parents have a hectic schedule, the way of communication or involvement needs to be changed. The schools of this generation are taking the help of technology to improve themselves and eliminate the flaws of the traditional education system. A school management software offers a common platform for every stakeholder- parents, admin, office staff, students, and teachers. And, over the years, this platform has been beneficial for parents in many terms.

Let’s explore the benefits one by one:

Attendance management

Transparency in the attendance system is the biggest advantage of any school management system. Parents while going to work or those who remain at home are always in worry whether their children are attending school daily or their attention is diverted to other tasks intentionally or unintentionally. The school management app considers this as a prime requirement and sends daily updates about the student’s attendance on the registered mobile number or email ID.

Daily activity report

This feature works best for the kinder garden students. As the parents are leaving their tiny tots for the first time in school, so they may want to know about what their kids are doing for the entire day. Through the daily activity report, the teacher sends updates about the different activities carried out by the student on a particular day. This is really helpful for the parents to keep track of their ward’s progress. Also, the inclusion of meal updates will help the guardian or mother to know whether the appetite record is on the track or not.

Integration with transport management

The crime rate against children has seen a continuous rise in India. The moment, the ward leaves the house for school starts ticking the parent’s head till the ward comes safely home after school is over for the day. This concern is taken as a design requirement while designing efficient school management software. The integration with the vehicle tracking system and SMS system will help the parents to have real-time tracking of their ward’s location.

Progress Report

Report declaration day is a big D-day for both parents and children. But, taking time from the hectic schedule and attending stretching parents-teachers meetings is old school concept. Schools are now implementing a decent way of informing parents about their ward’s progress card. The customized report card is prepared and sent to the parent’s mobile number through the integrated app. The report card will also include the teacher’s remark and this will assure that parent of every student is aware of the report card status.

Automated Fee management

This is another big relief for the parents. With the help of online fee management, parents are no more needed to go and stand in long queues for paying the fees. Instead, they can simply log in to the school management app, and pay the fees online using the online payment gateway. Also, the reminders about fees sent by the school management can help them to pay the fee before the due date or they can set the ECS or auto-debit facility for their bank account.

Different alerts and reminders

School is one of the busiest places. Parents cannot look after every moment after leaving the home. Many students mislead their parents by saying ‘there is no school tomorrow and having fun at a friend’s home. Parents in every condition must know the whereabouts of their children. An efficient school management app has the function of short messages like ‘no school tomorrow’ or ‘delay in school bus departure’ so that parents are aware of the emergency situation.

Events management

All events happening in the schools are conveyed to the parents through the diary or calendars. Parents need to check for the updates are written or not on a frequent basis. If someone misses this checking, the student may miss out on the activity or may suffer less preparation. This is solved by the leading school management systems by sending the important event updates reminders on the parents’ number or making them available on the app itself through pop-up notification.

Visiting the school for only PTA or taking results has become the old-school concept. Parents of today’s generation take a keen interest in understanding the educational process. Educational institutes are also inviting parents to pay more attention to their kids’ academic and non-academic progress. The school management app helps to keep all stakeholders of the school on the same page. Indeed, the app is a blessing for new-gen parents!

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