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11 Key Benefits of School Timetable Management System

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11 Key Benefits of School Timetable Management System

11 Key Benefits of School Timetable Management System

Since everything in the world is going digitalized, finding a replacement for a manual timetable not so difficult. Vidyalaya provides a one-stop solution to digitalized your timetable.

Vidyalaya Timetable module generates the timetable automatically you just need to enter normal data. In Vidyalaya, timetable management provides an automatic solution and you can make any changes as per your requirements. People think creating a timetable is an easy task. But in reality, it can be a complex task for teachers. Vidyalaya makes the complex task simple for teachers and students and provides a timetable that suitable for every teacher in the school.

Save Time

Creating a timetable is a complex task and it takes hours to generate those timetables. But Vidyalaya time table modules provide an easy solution to school. In Vidyalaya timetable management you just need to add basic data and the timetable will be created in a couple of minutes. Vidyalaya software improves efficiency and effectiveness in process of generating timetables. From this Vidyalaya timetable Management, you can achieve a higher result in a short time.

Reduce Mistakes

Any manual system is dependent upon human mistakes. Using the Vidyalaya timetable management system automatically generate the timetable and ensure the less chance of Mistakes. If there is a mistake in the timetable Vidyalaya Software helps you to identify those Mistakes.

Proxy Management

Teachers are also normal humans like us, sometimes teachers are absent in a school on short notice and the teacher’s lecture is scheduled already. At that time, Vidyalaya school management software provides a proxy management features to the school. In proxy management, in case the teacher is absent school can easily assign the class to another teacher as a substitute. Whatever changes done by the school in schedule notification will be sent automatically to other teachers.

Easily Change

The timetable management can be easily modified as per the new rules of your school. Any changes in schedule or proxy related changes can be done easily by the school and it takes only a couple of minutes.

Connected to the school calendar

The Vidyalaya timetable system is easily connected to the school calendar. The school has so many events like national holidays, state holidays, some events conduct by the school, exams, or so many other activities on those days timetable is not needed. Vidyalaya timetable system easily connects to the school calendar and generate the timetable for those days when time table is needed. So there is no conflict between normal days and holidays.

Optimal Resource allocation

From the Vidyalaya timetable system, you can assign teachers to the classes efficiently and effectively.

Highly secure

Vidyalaya is highly secure with role-based permission and privileges to provide restricted access to users and guarantees transparency. Strict privacy and confidentiality make the information highly secure.

User – friendly

A notable benefit of using the Vidyalaya time table management system to create your school timetable is user-friendliness and can be used by anyone with less knowledge of mobile or computer devices. It can be used without any difficulties.

Payroll calculation

Years ago, school calculates payroll manually and it takes hours to calculate the teacher’s payroll. But from Vidyalaya Software you can calculate payroll in minutes. The timetable management system provides perfect information about the teacher’s present days, absent days, lectures taken by the teacher. So, on that information payroll calculation tasks become easier than before. Chances of error become minimal.

Save Money

Vidyalaya timetable system Provide a digitalized solution so there is no requirement of any stationary for a timetable to keep it safe. Apart from that, the Vidyalaya timetable system provides a proper count of every teacher’s absent days, present days, and half days. With this information, proper payroll will be generated. There is no other resource required to count those payrolls. The manual process has a high chance of error and the school can count absent days In the present days and it will become a loss for the school. So this way the Vidyalaya timetable system saves money from the school.

Paperless solution

The Vidyalaya timetable system provides digital solutions for timetables. In a manual timetable management system, you need to save important details like lecture details of various class, present, and absent days of the teachers in the paper. So many papers not only create a mess and blunder but also there is a risk to keep it safe. Hence the Vidyalaya timetable system eliminates the paper and also the information will be kept safe.


Vidyalaya School Software is one such school management software that offers such digitalized and customized benefits to the school and other colleges in their timetable management. Vidyalaya School Software has so many unique features that you can see on our website.

If you are more interested in Vidyalaya and Know more about the other features of Vidyalaya please visit the contact us page.

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