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Mobile App, A smarter communicator connects School, Teachers & Parents.

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Mobile App, A smarter communicator connects School, Teachers & Parents.


Vidyalaya-Mobile App, A smarter communicator connects School, Teachers & Parents.

Relative to the decade ago, smart technology is now available in everyone’s pocket and in the usage of mobile phones, Vidyalaya launched an android, iOS mobile app for parents and teachers for easy access to information and records of marks, attendance.

Vidyalaya’s website provides an insight of the full information of our products, services, and features we provide to make any educational institute digitalized. Making the access more workable is the mobile app of Vidyalaya which updates the teachers, parents with timely information. Vidyalaya mobile App with its varied features is something every techno savvy institute looks for.

Here are the salient features of the Mobile app.

Assignment & Home Work

This feature helps students as well as teachers to get daily assignment updates assigned to every class. In case any teacher is absent with the help of this module school can carry out daily classes smoothly and also can check students homework. The daily assignment and homework schedule for every single day for the entire week. Students can go through the periods and teachers allocated assignments for that particular day.

Photo Gallery

As the name suggests, every educational institute has moments and images need to be captured and shared with the stakeholders easily and this module carries the photos of events institute can share with parents directly by uploading images on the mobile application. Special events Annual day, Sports day or any other special occasion, photos pertaining to those special days are stored in this module.


This module is kind of the calendar any educational institute have as the name suggest that displays the details of each and everyday school include in their academic calendar, it is specifically for those events or occasions school organized for the academic year. The mobile app benefits the parents to know and gets all the information related to the school, attendance of child showing the presence and absent percentile and individual information with relative ease. Any student or parent can no longer have to be worried about getting the information and activities carried out for that day. No need to worry about whom to call or approach and where to seek. Vidyalaya provides this application to reduce the gap of communication between parents and School. This Vidyalaya app provides the parents and students with all the adequate information perhaps needed by the stakeholders even during his/her absence.


The app provides the feature of solving the query of parents. This may include queries related to school transportation complaints, canteen issues for the students, etc. This would help parents to solve their doubts any time and they need not come to the school campus. Moreover, the query is to be solved easily by teachers rather than taking that query to the next parent’s teachers meeting this would also help make decisions faster for the school administration.


Schools are having everyday work or celebrations to be done in school so they need to broadcast each message of celebrations and notice to students and parents. This app helps to do this in an easy way. Parents and students directly are able to get notified of what is the notice about and can follow the instructions by school management.


Attendance is very important to be taken in the school. Managing the complex work of attendance through sheets and handling the past records is a tedious task. The mobile app gives you the feature of daily attendance reports of students as well as teachers in the school and this will help reduce paperwork and help teachers save time during the class.


With Mobile app Payments rising as one of the most user-friendly payment options in the recent times it is in high demand for the parent also to make payment online for their ward’s school fee. Being instantaneous, safe and convenient, users are swiftly moving to digital option for multiple choices of payment – through a bank account, credit or debit cards, prepaid cards and e-Wallets.


Students are nowadays more engulfed with activities and competitions to be done in the school. With this, teachers can easily conduct the activities for the students like competitions, other games, etc. Due to this feature parents are more aware of what are the things going on in the school.


A poll is a feature which gives the facility to teachers make decisions with the help of the opinion of parents. For example, if the school decides to go on a tour or say picnic then this app will create a poll for the places and parents can vote out their decision there and decision making for the school administration becomes easy by this Poll feature.


Parents are always concerned with the mark sheet of students, this app will show the results of the students. Results are being shown and mark sheets are being produced within this app & results are being shown with each and every examination conducted.

Let’s build a stronger bridge to School, Parent’s & Teachers with Vidyalaya Mobile App. Contact now for a free demonstration.

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