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3 Reasons Shows Need of School Mobile App

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3 Reasons Shows Need of School Mobile App


We all know schools and colleges are categorized majorly by ranking and placement. But, from past half decade, Educational Institutes are segmented in the new category named techno-savvy institutes. This new category is measured basically on how school or colleges govern their administration activities such as Student record management, attendance, financial work, resource management, HR activities etc with the help of Campus Management Software. Moreover how efficiently schools are able to communicate with parents and their stakeholders play an important part in defining educational institutes efforts of being called as an Ideal institute.

Communication with Parents is the toughest challenge any institute need to crack down especially K-12 Schools. Many schools have started using the Mobile Application to built a trustworthy communication between School, Parents, Students. Today we will discuss top 3 reasons why school Needs Mobile Application.

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Real Time Push Notification:

School’s can provide a real-time notification to parents regarding the performance of his/her child. School mobile applications can be used to provide notification on the attendance of the student, about the marks he or she achieved in particular test. This way parents feel that they know what’s going on in school and how their child is performing. In addition notifications such as the bus is going to be late or emergency school holiday and other 149 things. Schools can send any notification any time within seconds- 24/7.

Cost- Effective Solutions:

School Mobile App make it simple and economical to connect with school’s stakeholders and community. Mobile application helps the school to achieve a goal of becoming a paperless organization which will eventually lead to less paper- consumption and indirectly will save money of the schools. Circulars and most of the work can be done virtually with the help of school mobile app make it economical and cost-effective.

Fee Collection:

Integrate your school mobile app with online payment gateway and schools can collect fees more easily and fastly because now parents don’t need to come school or go bank to pay the fee of their child they can make a payment in full just with few clicks. Penalty and charges can also be collected with the help of application and extra activities such as picnic fees can also be collected via the mobile application.

So what you are waiting, get the School Mobile App right away and boost your School’s administration work.

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