School Management System Software Helps in Computerizing School Records

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School Management System Software Helps in Computerizing School Records

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Managing a school is not a child`s job. The students, teachers details have to be registered. The student’s fee, the teacher’s salary and attendance register, timetables for all classes, fee records, examination records and results of the exams are some of the records to be maintained.

There are many other records also which have to be maintained. If books are used for maintaining records than they have to be preserved carefully year after year. They need space to be stored and they have to be protected from any water or fire hazards. Now when everything is going on in the computer, then these records also can be stored on the PC by using school management system software.

Records of Students and Teachers:

The school management system software is the best solution for improving the way how a school is managed. Almost all the people who are stakeholders of the school are connected through this software. Management, teachers, parents and students have a good communication through this software. The management can go through any type of information at any point of time to know any particulars of the stakeholders. The teachers can contact the parents or get more information about a particular student from the software. The lesson plans can be generated and the report cards can be printed here.

Communicate with parents effectively:

The parents are well informed about the events going on in the school. They will know about the grades of the student, assignments given and the attendance record. This software is user- friendly and thus there is not much training required to operate it. School management system software is secured in a single database. This helps in organizing, storing and retrieving the information. If any student name is fed to the computer their full details like admission date, attendance report, grades, discipline, family details and many other details emerge on the screen.

1 Student’s records can be accessed easily including the emergency contact number and parent details. The photo of the student has to be updated every year.

2 Attendance of the student is marked on a daily basis. This attendance can be viewed by the management at any time.

3 The format of the mark sheet is available in the software. This helps in generating the marks sheets by the management.

4 Any student’s past record can be accessed easily at any time of the year. The management finds it easier to find information instantly.

5 The data of the student can be converted into graphs as their information is already fed to the computer.

6 Records of the exams held and the results of each student are available.

7 The fees collected, cheque number, voucher number, receipt number are all available in the software.

Information is Accessible anytime:

All the information is stored in a secured and organized way. There are many users who need to access the software many times a day. Numerous people using the same software can use it simultaneously. The data in the software can be accessed by the authorized people with by encrypted password and unique ID. Getting in touch with the parents is also easier with this software. The SMS to the parents about the absentees is automatically sent as soon as the attendance is fed to the computer. Holiday, birthday SMS for the students and teachers are sent automatically.

Updates and Tracking can be done within a minute:

Accounts are managed within minutes. The school registers are also updated within minutes. All the information necessary for the records are updated. The administration has no problems in tracking the records of the teachers and the students with the help of this school system management software. The schedule of the teachers and the time table of each class gives the information about the teacher’s presence.

The Vidyalaya school software helps in computerizing the school records. This software is compatible with any computer. There are mobile apps also available.

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