Seven Wonders of “ Vidyalaya “

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Vidyalaya is designed as a user-friendly ERP. Facilitated with separate login access for teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents and management personnel of institution. The Vidyalaya modules facilitate all the processes of your institution,from admission of new students to generating transfer certificates when students complete their studies.The complete data from day one of student joins till the day he leaves the institution every minute details are recorded in it, which can be accessed in single click at any time.

Apart from long list of Vidyalaya modules …following are term to be 7 wonders of Vidyalaya School Management Software.

1.  School Finance / School Accounts

One of the prime financial management tasks for a School is to maintain and update its Books of Accounts. The Income – Expense module accordingly caters to all relevant accounting requirements such as student fees, School income, sundry expenses, consumables and fixed assets.

– Account Master Entry – Monthly / Quarter / Yearly Statement (Tarij)
– Single Voucher Entry – Balance Sheet
– Multiple Voucher Entry – Profit and Loss Account
– Daily Register (Roj Mel) – Ledger

2.  Human Resource with Payroll Management

Vidyalaya helps to Synchronize HR Activities with this Module. It covers Employee related General, Job, Personal, Communication, Statutory, Past Employment and Family Details. Recording attendance manual or integrated with Biometric also. Organization can auto generate payroll with their respective pay elements.

– Employee user define report
– Employee attendance register
– Employee related reports
– Employee pay-roll generation.
– Employee monthly / yearly pay slip.
– PCBSEayroll head wise yearly reports.

3.  Student Assessment

This Module helps schools manage the complex processes of examinations and result generation. Vidyalaya has capacity to handle any number of school examinations,with respect to marks and/or grades. Vidyalaya contains GSEB, CBSE , ICSE examination pattern and related reports. It also provide facility to assessment of Co-Scholastic activities and to give their respecting indicators.

– Student result sheet
– Rank Report
– Exam – Subject wise student performance
– Grace and Condemnation mark facility
– SCE Pattern (As per GSEB) Reports
– CCE (As per CBSE) Reports
– Auto converts Marks in main exam from sub exams /activity marks.

4.  Attendance Management

The rapid attendance mode allows you to mark the attendance of students instantly without wasting time. Presence module can handle the presence activity of the entire School.

– Quickly presence entry for all division
– Student attendance register
– Class wise presence register
– Date wise present-absent detail
– Student wise presence- absent days
– Total and Average presence detail
– Weekly Presence entry for all divisions.
– Student’s present register (Blank).
– Student’s present register with daily present details entry.

5.  Student Management

This module has a basic database on information pertaining to the profile of the student. The students’ module enables you to store all personal, academic, professional and history data regarding a student, his/her parents, and his/her siblings. The student module can generate reports for current student, dropouts and transferred students. Various report views are available by student/siblings/parents

– Students admission detail (General Register)
– New admission Detail
– Automatic roll number generation
– User define student report facility
– School, Year, Division, Gender, Category, Bus route wise, Student strength detail
– Enrollment No., Surname, Name, Father name, Caste, Religion, Sub caste, Birth
date, Birth Place, Category, Blood group, Address, Health detail, Phone No. Wise Student Detail.
– Class wise School level entry.
– Student suspension / leave entry.
– Student standard transfer entry.
– Student class transfer entry.
– Old Enrollment entry.
– Student’s class wise list.
– Caste wise list of student (General, OBC, SC, ST, and Minority).
– Summary of class wise & Cast wise student’s strength.
– Personal details of student. (Height, Weight, Blood group, Address etc.).
– The facility of generating students’ I-Card.
– The students address printing facility.
– Student’s related Report.

6.  Library Management

Vidyalaya can seamlessly manage all content residing in a school library from books, Cassette, CDs etc.These items can grade by author, Publisher, Type, Language etc.

– Manage books, journals & multimedia resources by ID / ISBN Numbers.
– Book stock verification; enable search and reservation of the book / material
– Manage issue, return and reservations
– Library related reports

7.  Timetable Management

Vidyalaya boasts of exhaustive timetable creation software. It can deal with complex combinations. Allotment of periods can be on the basis of teacher, Subject, division. In case of Absents of teacher admin can assigns proxy also.

– School General Timetable
– Division wise Timetable
– Teacher wise Timetable

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