What is Online Classroom Software and its Advantages?

What is Online Classroom Software and its Advantages?
What is Online Classroom Software and its Advantages?
What is Online Classroom Software and its Advantages?

Education should never definitely be stopped, it generally has to particularly be continued, fairly contrary to popular belief.As we all know, particularly due to the pandemic situation of Covid-19 the schools mostly are not working as regular, and teachers and other staff members definitely are not allowed to really go to school in a major way. Students got a vacation as they are also not able to actually go to school. In this situation, to make the students study at home, we have introduced Virtual classrooms or Online Classes. With the help of Zoom and Google Meet, the teachers can conduct the lectures and for all intents and purposes make the students study online, or so they thought.

Below mentioned kind of is some of the important features provided by Vidyalaya as well as Google for all intents and purposes Meet and Zoom for conducting Online Classes. Scheduling of lecture: The very first and the most important thing for an online classroom really is scheduling the lecture for each class at a kind of specific time in a subtle way. The Start time, End time, for the most part, Start Date, and End Date of the lectures can definitely be defined. We can for all intents and purposes define the subject, topic, as well as subject teacher for a pretty particular lecture, definitely contrary to popular belief. The lectures can particularly be scheduled according to the timetable of the school.

The scheduled lecture can for all intents and purposes be seen by the students directly in the mobile app in a subtle way. Copy Lecture Scheduled and bulk Scheduling: The lecture scheduled for a particular class can particularly be scheduled for particularly other divisions with the help of a copy schedule as well as the lectures can for the most part be scheduled in bulk in a definitely major way. This fairly unique feature of Vidyalaya helps the staff to generally save their time and energy in an actual big way. Assigning lectures class-wise: According to the class and division, the lectures can be assigned.

Each class, for the most part, has lectured at different times, according to the timetable of each division the students can mostly attend the lectures,  Online Classroom Software which really is quite significant. Offline Video lectures: The video lectures recorded by the teachers can particularly be shared with the students with the help of the Resource applicable feature provided by Vidyalaya ERP. The video can definitely be shared with the for all intents and purposes particular student, division, or class as well as to the for all intents and purposes whole school.

Online Video Lectures: As the students and the teachers for the most part are at home, the teachers can conduct Instant for the most part live lectures for the students. The teachers can create the lecture and the students can kind of join the lecture within no time with the Vidyalaya Mobile app in a fairly big way.

Lecture Assignment: After conducting the lecture, for the battered practice of the students, the teacher can definitely provide the assignment to the students in an actual big way. The assignment can generally be shared as a Word file, PDF, as well as via image format, which really is fairly significant. The students can fairly complete the assignment and can upload it from their login for all intents and purposes portal through Vidyalaya, kind of contrary to popular belief. The teacher’s Virtual Classroom Software can even check the assignment and actually revert to the students if any mistakes.

Study very Material for a particularly clear idea about each topic: Looking towards the very current situation the students may not particularly write the notes provided by the teacher at the time of the online lecture, Vidyalaya provides the solution for the same in an actual major way. The teacher can share the study materials with students so that the student can effectively essentially prepare for the examination, which particularly is fairly significant.

Online Class Features

1)Unlimited Numbers of meetings:

with Google kind of meeting you can do an unlimited number of meetings as well as you can essentially invite up to 100 participants to meetings if you generally are using the generally free version of google definitely meet. If you want to actually invite anyone to the meeting they need to sign in google account to join in the meeting, which mostly is fairly significant. It will increase the security of the meeting in a subtle way.

2)Live for all intents and purposes capture during the meeting:

Google generally meet provides real-time live captions powered by Google’s Speech recognition technology in a subtle way.

3)Compatible on any device:

Google really Meet works on any device, which generally is quite significant. You can actually join a meeting from your laptop/desktop, Android, or iPhone in a subtle way. For organizations, Google Meet hardware provides an affordable, sort of high-quality option for purchase, which essentially is quite significant.

4)Audio and video preview screen:

After clicking on the pretty your meeting link, you can kind of manage fairly your cam and mic and actually see how you really look before entering the meeting. You will also get a preview of others who actually joined the meeting already, which kind of is fairly significant.

5)Control for meeting hosts:

The host can easily Mute, pin, or remove participants from the meeting. For privacy, reason host cannot unmute another person in a basically major way.

6)Screen sharing with participants:

Present very your entire screen to basically your participants or actually collaborate on documents.

7)Messaging with participants:

Make meetings kind of more engaging with mostly live messaging during definitely calls in a fairly major way. To share files, links, and sort other messages.

 8)Calendar Integration:

It the definitely the fastest and easiest way to schedule generally your Zoom meetings by using a zoom Scheduler with pretty your calendar systems. Schedule definitely your meeting easily, which essentially is quite significant.

9)Waiting Room:

In the waiting, room participants wait there to go inside the meeting, or so they for the most part though. Here host can literally add participants one by one or all participants at once, which specifically is fairly significant.

10) Multi-share:

Here multiple participants can share their screens at the same time, which particularly is quite significant.

11)Personal Meeting room particularly:

A personal meeting room enables the online meeting room just for you. You can customize basically your room as per very your requirement in a big way.

Online learning with Vidyalaya can ease the work of students, parents, teachers, and school management in a particular major way.

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