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5 Advantages of Online School Fee Management Software

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5 Advantages of Online School Fee Management Software

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Nowadays people are moving more and more towards digitization. In this new era, the maximum number of schools are also digitizing their campus for the better facility and effortless work. Talking about “School Fee Management” the most important and difficult task for any organization, this can be easily managed by the Online Fee Management Software.

Paying the fees of students and that too on or before time is the most important task for parents. Online Payment is a pinch work nowadays for each person. You just need to have a smartphone and a good internet connection. An online fee management system helps both parents and teachers to have a clear idea about the fee structure of a particular child.

Online School Fee Management System helps not only for paying the fee but also for paying the various amounts such as Caution Money, Fine, Extra charges, Etc.

Below mentioned are some of the advantages of the Online School Fee Management System.

Pay Instantly From Anywhere Anytime with Online Fee Management Software

The very first and most difficult situation for the parents is to come to school for paying the fee in any season and situation, summer, winter, monsoon, or Covid-19. Online School Fee Management System helps to pay the fee from anywhere anytime with just one pinch.

Parents can get various details regarding fees such as Paid fee, Pending Fee, etc, directly in the mobile application. According to the fee status, the parents can pay the pending fee from the mobile application

Enjoy paying the online fee with multiple payment gateways

Online Fee payment software provides multiple modes for payment. Parents can feel free to pay the online fees with the payment gateway already used by them. Paying the fee online can reduce the effort and save time for parents and organization both.

Multiple modes for the payment are:

  • PayTM
  • PhonePe
  • PayUmoney
  • Net Banking
  • Multiple Banks

Online School Fee Management System Provides Instant Notification Regarding Fee

With the instant payment of any fee get instant notification in the mobile application, parents can get multiple notifications such as fee due, fee paid, and can also check the transaction for each fee paid.

Auto alerts and notifications for the payment can be set in the software, so that as soon as the fees are paid the parents can get an acknowledgment of the payment.

Online Fee Software Helps in Auto receipt generation

With the help of Online Fee Management Software, the receipt for the paid fee can be generated automatically. Parents can get the receipt directly in their mobile applications.

Generating the fee receipt online and sharing directly in the mobile application can reduce the paperwork for the organization and parents both. With this, we can make the organization paperless.

24*7 Online Payment Available with full security

With the help of Online School Fee Management Software, parents can pay the fee 24*7 without any interruption. There will be no limits for paying the fee during school working hours.

While paying the fee online, the payment will be fully secured. Parents can check the detail of each transaction whether it is successfully completed or not.

Multiple Reports for Organization on fingertips

Multiple reports can be generated at the fingertips of the organization. For reports such as Paid fees and Pending fees reports, multiple filtrations are available for the reports.

Filtration such as Date, Moth, Year, Class, Division, Modes of Payment, User Pay type wise, Etc, are available with Online fee management software to ease the work of the organization.

With the help of these multiple reports, the organization can make quick and right decisions regarding the Fee collection.


Vidyalaya provides Online school fee management software fully integrated with mobile applications. For more information about Online Fees Payment Software, you can refer to the link given below. 

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