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How the Education Institutes Can Benefit from WhatsApp Chatbot?

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How the Education Institutes Can Benefit from WhatsApp Chatbot?

WhatsApp chatbot for education

The social media application like WhatsApp has become a day-to-day application that we all uses for our personal, business purposes. The increasing use of WhatsApp definitely fetches the attraction of educational institutes towards it. Then why not educational institutes pitch it for delivering important updates to parents? Vidyalaya exactly relates this and crafts the applications with WhatsApp integration so that the ease of use will remain to continue.

What is Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer application that will simulate communication with humans using the internet. Although the chatbot implementation can do basic communication, the technology is still evolving to make it a full-fledged application.

Why WhatsApp Chatbot?

WhatsApp is a leading chat application nowadays, facilitates businesses to take leverage of the technology for expanding the business. In the education industry, there are several scenarios where a human responder needs to be attentive and answer common questions. The school website is the common place where visitors press the hit button to collect any information. Instead of relying on human responders, the education industry can opt for a WhatsApp chatbot for education and have the quickest responder eliminating the flaws of human intervention.

There are 400 million active users for WhatsApp alone in India believing that it is one of the safest applications to share information. So, WhatsApp has become the most preferred choice for educational institutes to pose a responder.

Benefits of WhatsApp Chatbot for education institutes

Vidyalaya effectively takes the leverage of the WhatsApp features and the integration is a perfect solution for the education domain. The millennial generation is well-versed with WhatsApp, so application embedded with it will lead your institute in its digitalized journey. Here are the positive points for educational institutes if they make use of WhatsApp Chatbot:

Effective communication channel

It is the need of every business to have effective communication between the stakeholders. The education industry is not an exception.

There may have different scenarios where WhatsApp for education have an apt implementation like:

  • Send reminders about tests, assignments, exam schedules to the students
  • Sending answers to FAQs raised by students or parents
  • Interactive quizzes and surveys
  • Evaluating assignments, quizzes
  • Improvement and suggestions to the students
  • Payment conversations
  • Sending information about student assessment

Vidyalaya will bring efficiency in all these processes by introducing WhatsApp. As it is one of the effective communication channels, the information shared through this has a high possibility of reach. The WhatsApp integration will increase trust between stakeholders and management with this proactive communication.

Higher opening rate

The ancient-age methods like calls, emails have become outdated with the advancement of time. Emails or phone calls have less responding rate as compared to social media platform messaging. As they are easily checked, they are the most powerful and effective medium for pitching their marketing strategies.

Vidyalaya’s WhatsApp chatbot for education is the best media with its easy-to-use features like:

  • Click-to-chat- A single button can be embedded on other social media that will easily start the communication.
  • Scan QR Codes- QR codes from print ads, and other printed media can be scanned for opening WhatsApp.
  • Higher conversion rates- a single click to start the communication that can be placed on key pages of the website.

Create digital conversions to refine growth
WhatsApp will not act as magic that will conquer all the challenges the educational institute is facing but it will set a new norm offering a simple platform that initiates the communication and engages people to the next better level. It is a favorable situation when the institute also continues to use the same platform on which students trust, know, and like. The features of WhatsApp used for the commercial purpose will help the institute to start a digital conversion so that their growth factors are boosted and the business requirements are met without drowning in the logistical and budgetary concerns.

Vidyalaya’s WhatsApp for education will give you opportunities to redefine your marketing strategies and make sure that student retention is easier as it is as simple to ask questions and get answers from the institute.

Hassle-free application cycle

Students applying for various courses go through the different steps of check for application opening date, actual registration, processing period, final confirmation, or denial of the application. With the absence of WhatsApp, applicants need to check by either going in-person or check for the mail or website to get the updated information. This is overhead that students or parents need to suffer.

Vidyalaya’s WhatsApp integration will reduce this overhead to just click and check. The entire development in the application process can be informed to the students via WhatsApp messaging app. Many institutes do initial screening steps with the help of chatbots. The simplified UI will help the students to submit the required documents and complete the enrolment and keep track of it.

Make new announcements and notifications with maximum reach

Institutes can make new announcements without making students or parents make rounds of the institute. The single message will do this and all recipients can get to know the updates without stepping outside. Also, the instantaneous speed will get the maximum reach.

Vidyalaya recognizes this need of today’s era and insists the educational institutes go for WhatsApp for education as the information informed by the institutes can be re shared by students in other social circles. This can be helpful in case of event announcements to get maximum reach and may contribute to financing for the events.

As the use of social media has tremendously increased nowadays, all businesses are ready to incorporate their applications to be WhatsApp enabled. The online education trend after the Covid-19 pandemic become the add-on for this. According to reports, India country has gained a huge investment of over $2.2 billion in 2020 in the edu-tech sector. So, if the facts are to be believed, then integrating advanced and popular social media platforms within the school management software has become the need of the hour.

Vidyalaya will let you establish a strong bond of communication between the institute and other stakeholders with its vision WhatsApp chatbot for education. The integration is a hit and will offer immense benefits not only for parents but also for educational institutes.

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