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Best Online Platform Available for Teachers in India

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The whole world’s routine has been taken by a storm by the COVID-19 pandemic. All the sectors are still trying to recover from the crisis, the student’s education system has been affected the most. According to UNICEF(United Nations Children’s Fund), schools for more than 168 million children globally have been closed for almost one and a half years due to COVID-19 lockdowns. With traditional classrooms being closed the online teaching system has been adopted by most of the schools in the world including our nation. India is one of the best countries to pursue education has successfully implemented the online teaching system. India is the second-best in the world for online teaching. Even the remotest part of the country has studied with the smooth-running Elearning system.

The online teaching application has been such a revolution in past one and a half years and has set a benchmark for the next-gen educators and students. The school management software has also played an integral part for teachers, students, and school administration for managing the school-related functions. It has numerous features such as students profile management, attendance tracking, fees management with online fees payment, E-exams, and online worksheets, tasks assigning, homework and assignment management, options with feedbacks polls, query management, multiple campus access through a single login, virtual classrooms, vehicle tracking, employee management with the online payroll process, online admission inquiries, excellent fix and customized reports for analyzing, hostel and library management, mobile applications with fifty-plus modules and features and several third-party integrations like SMS, Online Payment, Bio-metric, VTS, Tally and Bar code integrations.

Vidyalaya school management software has all these and many other great features. The features which were used the utmost especially during the past one or one and half years were online learning, e-exams. Vidyalaya is the best online platform available in India for the teachers Let see what are the best features that Vidyalaya has for the teachers of India:

Virtual classrooms: The virtual classroom which is a widely used module in the current situation is successfully integrated with Vidyalaya. With virtual classrooms teachers can conduct live lectures with the features like whiteboards, recording, late meeting joining restrictions, easy file sharing, filtering the students, live communications like group discussions, q/a sessions, private chats. Timely notifications of lectures, attendance tracking of the live lectures, conduct tests after completing the lecture. Thus teachers can easily conduct the live sessions of their respective subjects, have doubts clearing sessions, provide personal attention to the weak students, conduct a group discussion or a debate session, or can have fun related activities. More importantly, can track the student’s progress and attendance.

E-exams and online results: With schools being shut, online-based exams have become a necessity. The teachers can seamlessly set up the question banks and configure online exams in which both objective and subjective type exams, it can be configured in a specific time frame where students can get alert time before the exam time is completed, teachers can set up negative marks, Set guidelines for the test, setup exam in advance and activate it on the particular dates, grading, evaluation, and publishing results, analyzing it with various reports. Once the exam is completed teachers can check it upload the marks and prepare a result sheet according to their standard format can later publish the same in the mobile app, So parents can check their child’s progress son their fingertips.

Online Admission Inquiries: Online inquiries also help teachers a lot as, without any paperwork, all the admission process can be managed, Teachers can add customize the fields in the form, online admission fees payment, students personal details management, and document verification, alerts of the admission confirmation and fees payment all this process consumes a lot of time in traditional admission inquiries process hence online admission inquiries is the best possible solution for overcoming the tradition admission process challenges.

Task Assigning: Assigning the tasks to the students is already quite a tough job, however with task assigning features of Vidyalaya the teachers can assign any tasks like rewarding the bright students with responsibilities like class monitor and helping the weaker students with assigning the tasks like daily revisions and clearing their queries. With regular reminders, even parents can check out their kid’s tasks

Assignments and Homework: The teachers can give the termly assignments with multi-media files file attachments and can also share daily classwork notes and homework with multimedia files. Later they can check the activity with analysis screens

Attendance Tracking: As attendance tracking which is linked with online learning does track the attendance as per the lectures start and end time, they can also check all check-in and out login history, as soon as the online lectures are completed educators can check and send alert to the parents, also other alerts can be shared with the parents like monthly average attendance, and subject wise attendance logs

Lesson Plan: With the lesson plan feature teachers can plan with the coordinators and provide termly syllabus information to the students, through which students can get a sort of timetable hence they can prepare and learn it daily.

Chat Module: The chat module of Vidyalaya is an online chatting module, where teachers can create and group and discuss the group activities, teachers can share a broadcast message to the students teachers can chat with fellow teachers for planning and implementation of kids syllabus, examination, teachers can even guide the students in the personal chats

Digital Form: The digital form is used to update a student’s data from the parent’s or students’ side which will be later on saved into the software on an approval basis, the data such as. The form can be customized from the teacher’s end which can have details of communication details, personal details, documents, photos, and many more. The published form will appear in the app and parents can edit and update it. After that teachers will verify the information and by approving it the student’s data will be updated into the software

Upload Videos: In video modules, teachers can add the videos of the reference video lectures, motivational lectures, annual functions, extracurricular activities so that a parent or a student can refer it according to their convenience


With current circumstances, online teaching has become essential, hence with these user-friendly features of Vidyalaya software teachers can manage and track students’ data undoubtedly.

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