How Student Information System Can Enhance The Student Learning Experience?

How Student Information System Can Enhance The Student Learning Experience?

How student information system can enhance the student learning experience?

In the digital age where every sector is managing their stuff online and everything is being computerized, educational institutes also need to adopt the technology. The online-based student management systems are though not popular among the schools as they are vastly dependent on traditional teaching. Today the students want to be innovative and are much keener to learn with the technology. The current COVID-19 situation has forced schools to accept the situation and opened the path of going online with Student Information Systems.

What is Student Information Systems?

The Student Information system which can also be known as Student Management System is a web-based software solution used for schools or colleges to manage their day to day operations. It is a fully computerized system and the database is stored in the cloud-based server which is centralized. In the software, the student data can be stored, monitored, and can be analyzed. For accessing the software, role-based permission is given to the users so it ensures good data security. It also helps the teachers to manage their workloads and concentrate on student learning and work towards their improvement

Let’s see the benefits of the Student Information System:

Admission is an important aspect for the schools. The school information system helps to reduce their manual admission work with the software. In the admission, form schools can enter the general details, upload applicable documents and photos, and can have customized fields in it. On the basis of merit, they shortlist the students. The main feature is the online admission and inquiry forms. Schools can publish the online form on their website and student can fill the fields in the form online and submit it. After students submit their forms school will have their record updated in the software and they can shortlist them accordingly. Additionally schools can take the interview exams and keep the record of students’ scores in their interviews.

The school management software is primarily used to store the total student’s data.

Once the admission is confirmed the required details like a basic profile, communication relevant information, Health details, Family details, Transport details, Hostel detail, mandatory documents, photos, and much more information can be uploaded to keep the record of the student efficiently.

This is an important benefit of the school information system. The student can have their credentials and can log into a desktop or mobile app. Students can go through his/her basic profile, exam results, notices, assignments, attendance, and much more information according to the access given by the school. With the student’s credentials, even parents can be notified regularly and can directly communicate with the coordinators for their queries.

The teachers can take the attendance of the students. They can take the attendance of all the subjects at a time and subject wise attendance also can be added. With reference to the rights assigned, teachers can take one class attendance at a time and even multiple class attendance at a time. The parents can be kept updated on their child’s daily attendance in form of SMS or push notifications. The parent can also get average attendance of the months. With this option, teachers can track attendance easily with less paperwork.

The student information system can streamline the school’s virtual teaching processes so you can create detailed academic instructional content for your lectures. It can assist the teachers as they already have their credentials to access the application. Teachers can start the online lectures and students can join with the login details of the application. Teachers can add assignments, reference videos and resources, and multiple-choice questions. Students and parents can go through uploaded videos, assignments, and e-exams. The easy Scheduling of the lecture makes teachers’ work uncomplicated because it consumes a shorter time. As a result, it allows teachers to focus more on collaborating with students. The school team can also assign online books and online content like blog news and other useful links.

The student information system can help the teachers to make the exam setup, adding marks, and analyzing through the reports. The parents can be notified about their child’s progress. Once results are generated students can go through the mark sheets from the application.

Healthy communication with parents or children is crucial. The student information system can make it happen. The educational institutes can easily communicate with emails, SMS, and push notifications. Students and teachers can communicate about their queries. Teachers can assign tasks to the student. Management and teachers can discuss the focus on the student’s progress. All sorts of communication can be executed.

The student information system based ERP’s can make the academics and opinions part a lot more straightforward. With academics, the teachers or coordinators can assign homework to the students and can notify the parents. Students can go through the assigned classwork, homework, or assignment. The teachers can also track whether the student has checked or not, additionally if the student has opened the modules teachers can check the date and timing of it. With opinions, the schools can take views with polls and feedbacks. Schools can take the opinion of the teachers with the feedback of the students, and vice versa. Polls can also be assigned to the teachers and students of the celebrations in form of voting.

As the scheduling of the classes is an important part of teachers and school management, they can easily manage it in the student information system. The teachers can add their lectures in the application and students can prepare in advance after checking it. The students can also check the exam schedule and prepare for the exams accordingly.

The student information-based systems can integrate the different payment gateways with the software. By doing it they can easily manage the fees of the students. As parents don’t need to reach out to schools. They can directly pay the fees online.

The student information-based systems can integrate the different vehicle tracking systems and map it with the software. Schools can manage the transport and buses with this as they can give a vehicle tracking system to the parent. As parents are also concerned about their child’s security. With the “Track My Bus” feature, they can check where their kid’s bus has reached.


Thus, SIS management is the foundation of today’s education system. Any school, college, university, higher education, and individuals including different stakeholders like students, teachers, administrators, staff, parents, and management can use it.

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