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Vidyalaya’s Parent Portal-Need of the Hour?

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Vidyalaya’s Parent Portal-Need of the Hour?

Vidyalaya Parent Portal

Vidyalaya Parent Portal is a smart, simple & innovative school software to involve your parents in the school administration & keep them updated. Parent will know about child’s daily and monthly attendance in minutes updates Students and Parents about the important circulars and notifications from school end. ERP software provides a single, convenient parent portal through which parents can get an update with student’s activity.

Vidyalaya parent portal will enable parents to be connected with their student’s classroom and teacher 24 hours a day. This feature keeps parent involved and to actively participate in their student’s education. The information available to parents in the parent portal is complete update of the school and can include attendance records, grades, classroom assignments, calendars, a message board, and basic student and parent information.

Parents usually have to rely on the student for school and classroom information, such as notes from the teacher, homework assignments, activities, and classroom policies. To a lesser degree, parents must wait for student to bring home classroom and school notes and letters regarding attendance, grades, and requests for teacher’s meeting. Parents don’t have to wait and hope that their student will give them the materials they need in order to stay informed. Instead, the parent can get the information they want themselves right from their own Parent Portal and that information comes straight from the teacher and school. Information in the parent portal is always up to date, which is especially important for attendance and grading track.

The Parent Portal also relieves teacher of the constant request for progress and attendance reports.

Open The Line Of Communication with Vidyalaya Parent Portal

Sometimes parents and students have questions that must be addressed before the start of the next school day, especially if there are questions regarding homework, testing, and projects due the next day. Parents also clear doubt with their student’s teacher if they have any questions, suggestions, or comments regarding classroom activities, attendance, discipline issues, or grades. This direct line of communication via Parent Portal can help parents and teachers to ensure the success of their student.

Vehicle Tracking  The parent can also track their child’s school bus location with Track My Bus features. It also sends a notification to the parent on bus arrival & departure at a defined time schedule. The parent can track school bus from home to school and vice versa from parent portal from home itself.

Online Fees Payment  Parents can also pay their children’s fees at their fingertips- Easy, Fast & hassle free -They can easily select the mode that suits you best among credit cards, Debit cards & online banking.

News  Parents can get an update about school daily news about a school event, activity, school functions and many more. This will be helpful for student, parent, and teacher also as parents get an update about school news and not dependent on their children or teacher. In this manner, student performance improved.

Exam Scheduler  Parents can directly check the exam schedule in the parent portal and this will help to remember the date and time of exam scheduled from school end.

Feedback/Poll  Feedback module helps to take the review of your parents & staff personally. Poll helps to know about the general opinion of the school with a voting option.

Assignments  Parents can download assignment, view assignments and work accordingly. This works best for absentee to get informed with academic’s update.

Timetable  Parents can check their children’s daily timetable of subjects easily from the Parent Portal so they get notified about the upcoming lectures & sessions and they can arrange books and notebooks accordingly for their children.

Task Management  Parents also get information from parent portal regarding task assigned to their children and whether the task has been completed from their children end.

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