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Don’t Be Mean, Go Green With Vidyalaya School Management System

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Don’t Be Mean, Go Green With Vidyalaya School Management System


Paper consumption is increasing globally day by day. According to a study, the paper consumption has increased three folds since 1960.  The need for the hour right now is to go paperless and save the trees.

It is estimated that 2500 trees are shredded to create 10 million pages. It is motivating to know that CBSE has started a campaign of going paperless and save the mother Earth. By digitalizing the school’s they have saved almost 50,000 trees. School digitalization eases up the overall administrative tasks.

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Imagine if you can generate 1000’s of reports in every aspect of the student like their performance, student’s attendance, and progress cards and similarly for the employees, you could generate graphical and analytical reports without printing a single sheet of paper.

This is where VIDYALAYA School Management System comes into the picture by helping you make your school go digital & paperless. Vidyalaya is a complete School Management System and is a one-stop solution to all your administrative needs. From admissions to accounting be it student management or be it any task related to school, everything can be managed from just one software. So, how it helps you in saving paper?

  • Admissions: During admissions, by not providing them with printed forms you can take their inquiries online through the software and can manage the data digitally. You can also help parents to directly fill the forms online at their convenience.
  • Attendance: Similarly you can take the attendance of the students through Vidyalaya School Management System by simply marking the absent roll numbers and this can help you in reducing your carbon footprints.
  • Mobile application: Mobile’s are the most trending nowadays. Mobile apps can help you in reducing your manual work like taking attendance online, showing the timetable, alerting the parents about their paid and unpaid fees, uploading homework also on the mobile application.
  • Results: You can even send the results of the exams you conduct to the parents via mobile app or SMS which can save millions of paper and in turn can save the trees & our Mother Earth
  • Circulars: The most paper consuming thing in the schools are the circulars. What if the circulars are created online and could be sent via the mobile app? It could save lots & lots of paper consumption & also the green cover of the planet.

And there are many other ways in which VIDYALAYA School Management System can help you go completely paperless, reduce your manual work and space for maintaining the physical files and documents.

As the great quote goes “ The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the next best time is today” let’s just promise one thing to ourselves that we will take care of our mother Earth by planting a tree or just by saving a tree from being chopped down.

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