Vacation Done?? Let’s have fun with Schooling…

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Vacation Done?? Let’s have fun with Schooling…


The Fun days of summer holidays have come and gone and the new academic calendar has begun. The New Academic Year of school has come & along with comes the excitement of new uniforms, new class books, new teachers, new friends and new subjects.

Though after this period of rest, students return to the classroom refreshed and rejuvenated.

After summer holidays, it is very difficult for teachers and for parents also to rearrange the students for the new session as summer vacations are a very common cause of distraction from regular studies.

To rearrange the students, teachers have to organize the first day of school in a very interactive way so that students don’t feel like burdens of studies and homework from the first day.

Here are few classroom activities and ideas which teachers can use for first few weeks of the school to re-kindle and get the students back to school routine:

  • Talk about the fun activities students has done during their summer break:
    On the very first day of school, teachers should try to interact with students in a fun way so that students don’t feel bored and burden of studies. So, to keep them in the same buzz of vacations, ask them about the activities which they have done during their vacation. These will help them to interact with each other and teachers.
  • Ask students to make a story about interesting things children have done:
    After vacation, students have lots & lots of stories of summer holidays like the place where they go, gifts they received, new things they bought, new activities learnt & many more. So telling the students to narrate the stories to whole class builds confidence as well as keeps their attention.
  • Help them to create a holiday memory book:
    Students will have a lot more to share about their vacation fun and a memory book will be a good way through which students can share their memory. Ask them to draw or bring the best picture of vacations. Ask them to write few words about it. Ask them to colour it and once students complete their memory book, ask them to share it with the class surely this activity will increase excitement in them.
  • Creative writing:
    The creative activity to rearrange the students is to pen it down about their summer break, what activities they have done during their vacations. Teachers can interact with students more by participating in same.
  • Play fun games:
    This is another activity which teachers can use to welcome their students back to the class with a few fun games. Instead of starting school work right away, try playing few fun games to ease students back into the class routine.

Vidyalaya School Admin Software wishes you all the best for the new academic session.

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