Revolutionizing Student Enquiry System in Higher Education

Revolutionizing Student Enquiry System in Higher Education

Student Enquiry System

Admission enquiry is the first step of the entire academic journey. The cycle starts with this phase and ends with alumni management. Before the technology era, parents/students used to visit the institutes, find the apt person to talk to, enquire about the courses, and return with different brochures. This process is monotonous and doesn’t yield much-desired results as integrated with lots of flaws like unavailability of staff, wastage of resources, and inflexibility. Are you also thinking of how to come up with a solution for this? Have you listened to the Student Enquiry System? Learn some interesting facts about it and how it has revolutionized the higher education system in this educational blog!

What is the Student Enquiry System?

The Student Enquiry Management Software is a specialized software that assists educational institutes in handling, managing and tracking student enquiries and requests. Higher institutes can collect, process, and revert to these enquiries across multiple mediums like emails, phone, and chats. The system automatically transfers the request to the appropriate department or users, keeps track of the entire enquiry cycle, and enables decision-makers with standard and customized reports.

How a Student Enquiry Management Software Help Education Institutes with Higher Conversions?

Till here, we know what is student enquiry software and what it does. The software acts like a digital assistant that handles the admission enquiry and interacts with the user in an affirmative way. Even though the users share some details with the system, it keeps them secure. 

The admission process generates lots of queries and so the user needs to hit the enquiry system. Students can fill the enquiry form with some details like name and contact details, along with queries. The enquiry system stores this information and processes it. These enquiry details are delegated to apt staff personnel. The staff will review the query and will revert with an appropriate solution. Let’s understand this working flow in detail: 

1. Identify and Capture the Leads:

Higher education institutes run special campaigns nowadays to broadcast admissions and other important information. Institutes can represent their online presence through Facebook Ads, Emails, and website advertising.  Also, they can offer enquiries through chats, phones, or walk-ins can capture the leads. Handling all these mediums manually can be hectic and doesn’t yield many fruitful outcomes. But an automated student enquiry management system can single-handedly manage this and eliminate the flaws. It also tracks the leads across multiple channels. 

2. Analysis of Data:

During the peak season of admission, educational institutes receive a pouring of enquiries. Not all enquiries get transferred into enrolments. Some choose another course, some move to another city, some may cancel the flow with the flow. So, it is important for institutes to identify the necessary data that has potential lead capacity. A Student enquiry management system software exactly does this and enables staff to retrieve authentic enquiries and accomplish them.  

3. Hold on Duplication of Leads:

One student may enquire about the same course at the same college multiple times. This generates redundancy in the data. Just blown figures of enquiries can mislead the management into making efficient decisions. So, filtering the received information and eliminating the redundancy is an important task. And an enquiry management system does this in the finest way. It asks students to provide some details and if the same details are present in the system already, then it disables moving forward. It also checks the possibility of data across multiple platforms and curbs duplication. 

4. Concentrate on Better Targeting the Leads:

Now once we get potential leads, a Student Enquiry Management system software makes the targeting super easy. Here, the system helps staff in focusing on better leads by assisting in the following ways:

The latest AI-integrated Student Enquiry Management System enables users to select the proper option from the given choices so that they can get a prompt answer. They make sure that communication between staff and students is seamless and as fruitful as it can. 

Features of an Enquiry Management System:

As every institute has its tailor-made workflows, one software doesn’t fit all. So, institutes can achieve the desired outcomes using the customized student enquiry management system software. However, there are some generic features that are meant to be integrated into almost every enquiry system:

1. Centralized database:

Data is stored in digital form in a centralized database. This approach is helpful in storing data in the most organized way and fetching it again faster. 

2. Automatic Notifications:

The student enquiry management software sends automatic notifications to students when the enquiry status changes. It also sends notifications to staff for handling them. This ensures that there is no miss in the enquiry cycle.

4. Communication Log:

The enquiry management system records the entire communication track between students and the institute. This helps to keep transparency in the system and improve the communication between the parties. 

5. Analytics and Advanced Reporting:

Prediction analysis and advanced reporting features are must-to-have. It will help institutes to track and identify the trends, response times, and other measures. Data recorded can be used to bring innovation and improvise the existing system. 

Wrapping up!

A student enquiry system is a fantastic tool that empowers schools to manage student enquiries and convey real-life information to students, parents, and staff members. With a one-stop solution for every query generated by these stakeholders, the institute can ensure that no one is left in the dark.  This effective communication improves the relationship between the institute and stakeholders. 

Vidyalaya embraces this technology and launched a feature-rich student enquiry management software. Don’t wait to improve day-to-day functioning and offer a seamless experience to the end users. Appreciate the power of tailor-made software and step up in every term that defines your institute!

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