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Top 5 Advantages of SMS Alert System for Education Industry

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Top 5 Advantages of SMS Alert System for Education Industry

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SMS or Short Messaging Service is not new when we all became familiar with mobile technology. In the social media era, SMS has become a less operated feature but still, some businesses use it on a mandatory basis to avoid the flaws of social media applications. Vidyalaya identifies the need for an effective system that will connect the institute with its stakeholders. The SMS alert system for schools is the ultimate product by Vidyalaya, a prominent player in the education software industry. 

SMS alert system for schools is the best way for schools to have a direct communication link with parents. There are many scenarios when school management needs to send bulk messages like exam schedules, and important announcements. Writing an email and adding all recipients’ email IDs is lengthy and tedious work. Also, many parents do not check their email accounts regularly so there are chances of missing the important updates. As SMSs are sent directly to the registered mobile number, they are more likely to get notified by the parents. Knowing all these facts, Vidyalaya’s SMS software is the perfect solution for schools to send short and important updates that are needed to be notified.

Here are the top five advantages of having an SMS alert system for your school:

  • Keep everyone updated

School is a very happening place. Lots of things happen over there. Not all children convey the important updates to their parents that they need to know. Before the invention of technology-driven school software, schools used to send paper-based notices along with children. But, many times, the notices are not received by the concerned parents as they are likely to get lost, damaged, or tamper.

Vidyalaya’s SMS system will send all updates about school activity, events, and announcements to parents’ registered mobile numbers so there are no chances of missing the content before their reach. Updates like fee due dates and exam time schedules are important updates that should not be missed otherwise students need to suffer a lot. So, the SMS system will act as a reliable partner for reliable communication.

  • A savior in case of emergency situations

With the advancement of time, the nature of unwelcome situations also gets changed. Schools are always ready to tackle these types of situations. Every school carefully and proactively designs its security policies and protocols to mitigate these types of dangerous situations.

When stakeholders are connected with Vidyalaya’s SMS alert systems for schools, all are informed about unexpected situations. As we all know that time is precious during these types of situations, no other source can replace a robust text messaging system. The system can send bulk messages within less time and can inform all major stakeholders to take further actions.

  • The best option for field/class trips

Many schools arrange field or class trips so that students can get practical or real working knowledge. As theoretical knowledge can be better understood by practical assistance or its real-life implementations, many parents allow their wards to participate in these types of trips. Arranging a field trip is a task of responsibility, leadership, communication, and teamwork.

Vidyalaya clears the ambiguity and brings the simplest solution with its SMS system. The excellent communication between team leaders, parents, and supporting staff can lead to the success of such trips. With the help of these systems, administrators can give intimations about reaching or leaving the location. This can relax the parents about their ward’s safety. Also, there will be fewer or almost zero chances of getting students lost. In a fatal case, if any student gets lost, he/she can also send a short message to inform the leader.

  • Reduce the phone time

For a school administrator, it is important and mandatory to attend several phone calls during the day. It may be annoying but have no option. To give some relief, an alternate solution that can accomplish the tasks and that too with valid proof will be a bliss for school administrators.

Vidyalaya provides this relief to the school or college administrators with the help of SMS software. With the help of the software, administrators can respond to staff, faculty, students, or parents’ queries without spending time on phone calls. Also, administrators can create and save some in-built sample text messages that are frequently in use, for example, go ahead, in a meeting, will call you back, etc. having one-to-one communication that with valid proof will help both participating parties to have responsible communication.

  • Ongoing professional development

Sending information about happening things in the schools to other stakeholders is a common and proud thing for educational institutes. Generally, this type of information is shared through school magazines, or over email. But it has a high potential of getting skipped. A small text message highlighting the major aspects of new research or any new regulation that is needed to get notified by the receivers can be sent through SMS.

Vidyalaya will help you to send SMS for informing the stakeholders about professional development happening in the school using the SMS system. As they are received and notified quickly, their impact can leave for last long.

Apart from the above top advantages, the SMS system for schools is truly bliss for educational institutes and their stakeholders.

Other advantages include:

  • SMS system helps parents and students to be well-prepared for any event or activity in advance.
  • If the school administration needs to inform only a specific group of people about news, it is easily possible with the SMS system.
  • SMSs can be sent 24*7 so there are no time or space restrictions.
  • Educational institutes can get an exclusive sender ID from that they can send the SMSs in a standard format and in the most professional way.

Amidst the social media platforms, the SMS alert system for schools has become a powerful media for educational institutes. The advantages of this system fascinate the institute management to adopt it as a new age medium to get connected with parents and other stakeholders. Maintaining a reliable source of connection will improve your relationship with the stakeholders that will ultimately shine with your brand identity.

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