Best School Management Software for schools in Kolkata | Campus ERP in West Bengal

Best School Management Software for schools in Kolkata | Campus ERP in West Bengal

Best School Management Software for Schools in Kolkata

Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal and the second-largest city in India. Kolkata, as it is still known to many around the world, is the cultural and educational capital of not only West Bengal but also the entire East India. Being the third most popular metropolitan city of India, Kolkata attracts a huge no. of students from all over the country, to its Schools and education institutes.

While we must be aware of the reputed educational institutes of Kolkata, Jadavpur University is one of the premier universities in India located in Kolkata.

The university has four faculties: Arts, Engineering & Technology, Science & Faculty of Interdisciplinary Schools, and Law & Management. It is equipped with all the modern pieces of equipment which help in a better interface between the Teachers and Students. Apart from this JU has been ranked #75 in the Times Higher Education in BRICS…

Below is a comprehensive list of some institutions: Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Indian Statistical Institute, University of Calcutta, and many more institutions provide everyone with a sense of empowerment; the idea that they have the choice to change their own lives and choose their path towards education.

Nowadays, everyone from everywhere in this world can connect via the internet. Students know technology better than many youngsters. It makes it easy to learn because it is such an important part of their life. Engaging with technology in the classroom has not only helped them learn effectively, but they are also getting multi-tasking skills. Technology helps make teaching and learning easier, more meaningful, and more fun. Students also work together with their own classmates through technological applications. It enhances the Importance of technology in education. So, it’s better to have a School ERP Software Solution.

School Management System is a set of computer software that is used with the purpose to organize the process logically and conveniently for everyone. Parents are quite satisfied with the abilities of the system because school management software helps to control the educational progress of their children, their attendance, and many more features get to know what subjects and topics they learn, and what problems their child phases.

The School Management System makes the educational process well-organized and does not let student waste their time and offers a range of sections where students can be involved in their free time and can get daily classroom homework assignments easily available to students 24 hours a day. It also contains the date when it was assigned and when it should be submitted. Such software is capable enough to manage the registration and admission process of both old and new students smoothly. It is also capable enough to facilitate the communication process by sending text, voice messages, and e-mails to parents and the whole school.

School Software management system helps to coordinate tasks for students’ operations and Teachers as well as parents. Multiple campus management through single software with less investment in management issues.

If you are searching for School management software then you can find software and contact them easily. We are from Vidyalaya School Software, We are providing the best Campus ERP in West Bengal.

Managing multiple departments of a school is not an easy task. But with the right software solution (Vidyalaya School Management Software), you can make things much simpler.

Here are some basic features of the Vidyalaya School Software by using we can easily manage:

Let’s talk about our precious clients Vidyalaya provides services in Kolkata are:

St. Sebastian’s School, Kolkata

We have successfully implemented ERP Software solutions at St. Sebastian’s School, Kolkata.

Now, the school is fast forward as school management stepped in to bring new life in terms of ERP Software Solutions and also improved the quality of interaction between teachers and parents.

The school uses all the features of Vidyalaya software to full-filling its requirements.

Here are some features that St. Sebastian’s School use:

SMS, Mobile App, Tally, Payment Gateway, Attendance management, Admission management, Fees management, student management, Payroll management, Timetable management, Transport management, Biometric, Tally, Online exam, Barcode, and many more.

School ERP System integrates and centralizes all the school data which provides a comprehensive enterprise view of making real-time information available to management anywhere, anytime to make the proper decision.

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