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Key Feature and Advantages of a School Portal

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As more and more of our daily chores have become online, we constantly look for alternatives that can keep us connected and that can meet our goals. In today’s fast-speed internet era, we cannot afford to miss connectivity with each other. Then how educational institutes can cut the connect with their stakeholders? A School Portal provides the medium of 24*7 connect that can shower numerous benefits to all – students, parents, and teachers along with the core aim of information exchange. Understanding the significance of the portal, several educational institutes are keen to develop their own. Let’s learn about the key features and advantages of having a school portal!

Why School Portal is called a Digital Entry Gate?

A School portal is a web page that aims for information exchange and offers a medium for stakeholders to gain access to various academic details. This secured platform is authorized with verified login credentials as shown information is sensitive and important. Although it offers limited functionalities like viewing attendance, showing timetable, accessing study material, etc. Every user is given login credentials that protect the security and privacy of the information. So, a school portal is often referred to as a digital entry gate as it opens the doors for important information exchange.

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What are the Key Features of a Student Portal?

A student portal, as the name suggests, is a communication channel between the educational institute and its students. It is usually a subset of a school portal that connects the school to its students. This portal helps students to navigate through school or college ERP easily. Depending on the institute’s requirements, the student portal may vary with the features. But some of the key features remain the same. Students need to login with their login credentials and the journey gets started. Let’s learn what are the major features of a student portal:

  1. Student profile management
  2. Academic records
  3. Course material
  4. Enrolments
  5. Important notices and updates
  6. Communication channels
  7. Overview

Along with these core features, education institutes may offer functionalities like multiple payment gateways, student recruitment tools, and facility to add custom field options in application forms, etc. So, the student portal is the one-stop solution for being updated, checking the academic status, communicating with peers, and accessing study resources.

What are the benefits of having a School Portal?

Now you are aware of the importance of the school portal, let’s discover its benefits in detail. Understanding the benefits in detail will boost the decision to have its own school portal.

1. Support From Day One:

It is very difficult for students to be updated irrespective of whether they are a new or existing student. At the start of every academic year, there are lot of stuff, every student needs to accomplish, like completing the admission process, getting familiar with the institution’s premises, library, offices, classrooms, labs, and the social part of the academics also. 

A comprehensive student portal may come as a saviour for students as everything they need will be available on their dashboards within a few clicks. If they want a complete admission process or fee payment process, they can do it using the portal. If they need any kind of study material, they can access the material uploaded by the teachers. Students can use the student portal as a medium for interaction with different systems or people. With this seamless experience, students can rely on the portal as a single point of access and a central hub for information exchange.

2. Eliminate Data Silos:

The major benefit of having a school portal is it eliminates the information silos. As education institute generates massive data through thousands of transactions every day. Integrated systems like LMS and SIS yield diverse information including course, subject, department, class information, and facilities. A school portal can contribute to keeping track of everything that too seamlessly. It provides a centralized and secure hub to students so that they can connect to these integrated systems and fetch the desired information.

3. Digital Portfolio:

One can define a digital portfolio as a computer-based collection that represents students’ academic and non-academic performances. A student portal facilitates to create, manage, and share student profile so that their learning journey is smooth and seamless. Teachers can access these portfolios so that they can keep track of their performances and make necessary improvements. This digitally stored information is easily accessible to teachers and parents.

4. Improved Communication:

No matter whether you are a fresh student or an existing, being a student, it becomes necessary to have great communication with other stakeholders. A school portal gives the best solution to this problem through which schools can establish improved communication with their prospects. It gives an ideal way to show them the available options, participate and be aware of your programs, and complete their applications. A school portal acts as a nurturing tool, that can boost the institute’s enrolments. Through this, educational institutions can offer programs that can encourage prospects to pursue further studies without dropping out of the application form. They will get almost all the information they need, so there are fewer chances of leaving the portal and keeping the application form incomplete. Schools can figure out the target audience, encourage trust, and create a firm foundation for communication initiatives using a well-designed school portal.

Gateway to Integrated Systems

Normally, education institutes demand for integration with various existing systems with the school portal. By doing so, they can establish a seamless link between them and they can access the user’s information without any hassles. For example, by connecting the school portal with CRM, you can bring out most of the application portal. Using this, it is easy to monitor, track, and follow up the leads. In this way, when any prospect creates an account in it, will automatically appear in the school’s CRM. This is great for tracking the leads in one place.

Ending Thoughts!

We have come far from chalk-and-talk to digital whiteboards, from heaps of books to online study material, and from classroom-led education to virtual classes. Then why stick to traditional noticeboards for sharing information with stakeholders? Yes, we have our own school portal! Vidyalaya integrates this feature in its almost all leading EdTech products. We ensure that educational institutes can offer the right learning experiences through the school portal. Stay connected with each other through a secure and intuitive school portal! Get a free demo from us by reaching out to our contact details.

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