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How are Virtual Classrooms transforming Education System?

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Virtual classrooms are no more a newbie and is a popular instruction practice across the world. Be it any educational institute or any corporate training, learners are breaking geographical boundaries and acquiring knowledge at their own pace. Especially, after the Covid-19 outbreak, demand for Virtual Classroom Software is surging. Educational institutes are resorting to online learning to maintain continuity in learning. So, for them, this software is a necessity rather than a luxury to avoid the derailment of the academic journey. If you are thinking that this virtual Classroom Software is a trend of the moment, then it’s not! It will be proved to be the only tool to take the Indian education system forward with revolutionary changes even after the situation goes back to normal. Let’s learn how and why virtual classrooms will transform the education system!

What is a Virtual Classroom?

A virtual classroom simulates traditional classroom-led learning in a digital way, where teachers and students are connected to each other using a digital learning platform. The classroom facilitates both the integrating parties to enjoy the freedom of physical location and just concentrate on learning. This flexibility serves various benefits like no physical traveling for school, no infrastructure cost, scalability, and much more. A typical virtual classroom software is enriched with several in-built features like:

  • Online Whiteboard
  • Video conferencing
  • Screen sharing
  • Breakout rooms
  • Text chat
  • Video recording
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Participation Controls

What are the key features of Online Classroom Software?

Technology in the educational sector has ushered a revolutionary era. Online classroom software has proved to be a driving force that leverages the benefits of advanced technology. Here are the key features of the software that revolutionize the education sector:

1. Video Conferencing:

Virtual classrooms are active learning sessions where both teachers and students interact in real-time. This synchronous and collaborative learning environment helps students to be on the same page where the teacher is. All the students and teachers connect using webcams and microphones, which helps teachers to understand whether students are getting them or not based on the visual appearance. A good virtual classroom software uses advanced technologies like WebRTC to transmit audio and video in real-time even if there is low latency. Additionally, the software must allow to share pre-recorded video sessions so that students can revisit them for better understanding of the concepts.

2. Integrated White board:

Blackboard is one of the core aspects of classroom-led learning, where teachers use it for explaining concepts, solving numerical problems, etc. In online classroom software, this blackboard gets replaced with a digital whiteboard, which can be used by both teachers and students. The digital whiteboard is used to sketch down ideas/concepts, explain concepts, and connect with students digitally. Some advanced whiteboards allow contents in video, doc, and image format so that teachers can convey the concepts better.

3. Cloud Recording:

One of the biggest pros of classroom software is it allows users to record the sessions. As the nature of the virtual classroom environment is both synchronous and asynchronous, this facility helps users a lot. The cloud recording feature starts recording of session with a button and stores the recording in the cloud storage, which is later accessed by users at any point in time.

4. LMS Integration:

We are all now familiar with Learning Management Systems or LMS that enhance the learning process. Online classroom Management software easily integrates with existing or new LMS to provide asynchronous learning. Through this seamless integration, teachers can schedule live classes, track student performance, test conduction, track attendance, etc. This will help teachers to monitor the entire learning journey of a student.

5. Multi-format Content Access:

Digitalized education benefits over traditional one in many aspects, but one of the major benefits is its ability to facilitate users with different engaging formats. Information is available as audio, video, slideshows, podcasts, quizzes, infographics, and text. These different mediums improve the engagement factor and help students to understand the concepts easily. Here, teachers must have the capability to create digital content using the built-in tools. Integrated digital libraries can help you in this area to guide you through the content creation process. Thus, teachers can use Virtual classroom Management software to create engaged content and share it easily using the same platform.

6. Communication Tools:

Students may claim that they miss the real-time communication that they could have enjoyed in traditional classrooms. To overcome this, several communication tools are integrated into the online classroom software, like instant messaging, group messaging, breakout rooms, and group chats. These tools facilitate to share and retain knowledge factor by facilitating uninterrupted interaction between both parties. Features like breakout rooms promote peer-to-peer engagement as it divides the learner group into small groups. These tools empower students to work in groups, discuss in online forums, foster teamwork, and enhance communication skills.

7. Control and Restrictions:

Virtual classrooms simulate the traditional classroom in the online learning environment. That’s why teachers demand good control and management over the class in their own way. A good virtual classroom software must facilitate teacher tools to eliminate the disturbances and disruptions like mute voice, remove participants, disable private chat, etc. This centralized control will help teachers to control the sessions and improve the quality of learning.

How Virtual classroom software revolutionizes the learning process?

A Virtual classroom software revolutionizes the learning process in the following ways:

  • Virtual classroom software offers flexibility, compatibility, and accessibility to the learning environment.
  • Students can improve social skills and interpersonal relationships using the virtual classroom software tools.
  • Students can enhance their technological skills while using the online classroom software.
  • It is a scalable option that connects students to teachers from any corner of the world.

How can Vidyalaya help in this journey?

Vidyalaya’s virtual classroom software offers you a high-end engaging virtual learning experience. It offers students the freedom to join the class from anywhere, enjoy engaging learning, and assess the learning with Vidyalaya’s comprehensive school ERP product. Our classroom software is enriched with noteworthy features as:

  • Collaborate and communicate live
  • All device support
  • Different mediums of communication like chat, video, and voice
  • Easy accessibility and sharing of files
  • Session recording
  • Adjust the pace of the video
  • Paperless classrooms
  • Easy tracking of student progress

Concluding Thoughts!

Virtual classrooms will remain to be there in any conditions understanding the benefits avail of it. This significant shift in the educational paradigm surely enhances learning outcomes and accessibility. So, to take this trend forward, every education institute must be armed with virtual classroom software. Vidyalaya, a pioneer name in the EdTech industry, can’t miss this opportunity to facilitate you with such a software that can serve the purpose and take you ahead in the race. As challenges are constant, we aim to embrace collaboration and innovation so that students get the opportunity to benefit from the transformation. We all know that the future of learning is digital, and online classrooms will be at the forefront of this interesting journey. So, equip yourself with our classroom software and be ready for the exciting futuristic learning! Call us for a free demo.

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