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Why Online Fee Collection Software Is Must For Educational Institutions?

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Why Online Fee Collection Software Is Must For Educational Institutions?

Online Fee Collection Software

Automation of educational workflows has changed the typical scenarios at institutes and the affirmative picture is taking the industry to the next level. Online fee management is one change, adopted by the institutes and now they are gaining the benefits of the move. As we all know how tedious the fee collection process is, minor calculation mistakes can cost the institute in a big way. Additionally, the chaotic picture at the office during the fee collection days can ruin the institutional reputation. The answer to this problem is the fee collection software! Don’t look at it as just an automation of the process, but get ready to avail of the complementary benefits along with it!

Believing the statistics from the markets, nearly two-thirds of the people prefer contactless payments after the pandemic and almost 72% of school leaders believe the improved effectiveness is due to a shift to online payments. So, it is clear that a fee management system can become a core module for educational institutes and for the rest of the stakeholders. In this write-up, we will dive deep into all that will illustrate how this system can change the scenarios of the fee collection process.

What is Fee Management Software?

Fee management software is software that streamlines and automates the fee collection process along with standard and customized reporting facilities. With the software, many education institutes can offer hassle-free and paperless fee management. It can save up to 95% of manual work and give faster and more accurate results. When educational institutes adopt the software, they can ensure profitability and data quality.

As school/college fees are the single source of revenue for the institutes, proper management can enhance the ease and efficiency of the operations. We observe several cases, where inefficient finance management can lead to a slew of operations and a poor reputation of the institute. So, having fee collection software new-age necessity for educational institutes!

What are the Key reasons why Online Fee collection Software is important for Educational Institutes?

After understanding the basics of online fee collection software, let us explore how it is useful for educational institutes:

1. Automated Fee Collection:

The primary reason behind the adoption of fee management software is it automates the fee management process. It automates the underlying workflows like fee collection, receipt generation, ledger updates, bank transfers, sending fee reminders, etc. Also, it reduces human intervention and cash handling and apparently eliminates the corresponding errors. The fee management software automates the fee collection process and sends fee reminders and other updates to parents via SMS or email. Parents don’t need to visit school physically, rather they can pay fees online using any of the available options like debit/credit cards, net banking, or mobile wallets.  This makes the fee collection process faster and brings robustness and accuracy to the process. 

2. Improved Cash Flow:

As school fee is the only revenue source for the school, it becomes necessary for them to improve the cash flow. A fee management system boosts the fee collection process and improves the cash flow. Through digital payment processing, schools receive payment instantly and reduce the need for manual cash handling. 

4. 100% Secure Way of Payment:

If market statistics are to be believed, the Indian digital payment market reached INR 239 billion in 2022 and is expected to increase day by day. The educational institutes provide a flexible and secure gateway to pay the fees. Through this, payment transactions can be done anytime and anywhere. Students or parents don’t need to wait outside the office to pay fees or to get receipts. A robust fee collection software always integrates a reliable payment gateway, the transactions become secure, and no account or card details get stored in the school ERP system

5. Auto Receipt Generation:

While living in an era where every tree matters, we must look for eco-friendly solutions. A fee management software is the best way, as it generates receipts in digital form and reduces paper wastage. Also, the automatic receipt generation after the payment reduces the requirements of time and resources for both participating parties. This reduced human intervention from the institute makes the process more reliable and accurate.

6. Timely Reminders:

A well-thought fee management system sends timely and automated reminders to parents via SMS or emails about fee updates. These instant notifications help them to pay the due fees without fail, without disturbing their schedule. It also allows parents to access their transaction history to keep track. 

7. Multiple Payment Gateways

Payment gateways may differ in delivering acceptance rates based on the geographical location. If educational institutes offer multiple payment gateways, it is easy for them to reconcile financial transactions. Also, it depicts the flexibility and scalability of your business. A good fee collection software facilitates with multiple payment gateways so that parents and school administration can avail of the relevant benefits.

How Vidyalaya can Help in the online fee processing?

Vidyalaya has already developed fee collection software and has also integrated in the school ERP software. It has improved the system with cloud technology, which helps users to access the system from anywhere and with more security. Some of the highlighting features of Vidyalaya’s fee collection software are:

  • Online fee collection
  • Individual fee check-up
  • Customizable fee setup
  • Easy receipt generation
  • Easy refund management
  • Dashboard analysis
  • Streamlined scholarship operations

Final Thoughts!

The smartphones have already occupied our more than half of our lives; the majority of our daily tasks are performed through or with the help of gadgets. Be it online shopping, or paying bills, making reservations, or doing office work, we all have already accepted that the online processing of workflows saves our efforts, energy, and resources and offers better accuracy and efficiency. The same analogy is applied in the education sector while paying fees.

With Vidyalaya’s fee management software, parents don’t need to disturb their busy schedule and yet they don’t miss the deadline of paying fees. Facilitate them with easy reminders, auto-generated receipts, and fee updates, using a single software. If you are still doing all these tedious works manually, it is the right time to make a shift. Get connected with us over a call or drop a mail!

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