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What are the Benefits of Using Accounting Software in school?

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Talking about the current situations of the high school and the organization having multiple campuses may face the issue in managing their account or income/expense of the school, also they might have the complete account written manually in the register. We can understand the severity of managing the income and expense of the complete organization done by the people, managing accounts in the school or in any organization is the major and responsible task for an accountant or the person who is handling the accounts.

The manual work of managing data for accounts can be reduced by using Online Accounting Software. The school can access the data from anywhere, anytime. With the help of an online account management system, the data can be kept safe and secure as well as accurate.

Vidyalaya provides all the facilities to manage the account data of the organization online and also to keep the data in a well-organized way. It helps the organization in multiple ways.

Below mentioned are the key features that an organization requires to manage the account data completely online, safe, secure, and accessible anytime anywhere.

Multi-Account Management:

The organization may have multiple schools at different locations and multiple accounts to be managed, Vidyalaya Account Management software provides the facility to manage multiple accounts in a single software.

The organization can create multiple accounts such as the school account, trust account, another expense account, and many more as per the requirement. The school can even manage the fee taken from the student with the help of online school accounting software.

Create N number of ledgers:

Vidyalaya account management software provides the facility to create an N number of groups of ledgers according to the need. The accountant can bifurcate the multiple liabilities, assets, income, expenses, etc.

Ledger grouping helps the user to get yearly profits and losses at the accounting year ending. Cash and Bank ledger grouping help the user to get effective bank reconciliation reports on screen.

Anywhere anytime data access:

The school can access the data anywhere anytime with the help of the mobile application. The management can have the complete summarized data of income and expenses in the mobile app.

The staff and management can enter the data with online account management software, the data maintenance can be done in an effective way. The data maintained online is completely transparent and reduces the work of manual entry.

No Required Infrastructure:

The organization does not have to depend on the school infrastructure for the data access as the data will be completely online and can be accessed at school convenience.

The management does not have to spend any extra cost on infrastructure. The complete process can be done online and the productivity of the work can be increased in a more efficient way also the labor work can be reduced.

Bulk Data Import:

Importing or adding the data in bulk now becomes effortless with the help of Vidyalaya online account software. The data from other software can also be imported by mapping the relevant fields.

The data can be imported with the help of excel. The most widely required feature of importing the Voucher list is available in Vidyalaya online account software.

Tally Integrated with Vidyalaya:

Tally integration is available with the effortless posting of fee receipts with a single click. Tally integration will help in posting the fee as well as the yearly outstanding based on your pending fee and invoices generated in Vidyalaya Online accounting software.

The fee can be posted in two ways in Tally, one is fee head wise and also student wise as per the convenience of the school. As the tally is completely integrated with Vidyalaya thousands of fee receipts are posted with a single click in our software.

Mobile Application with Online Account Software:

The organization can get the summary report for the management and executive level. The management can get the data on overall fees paid and pending with the help of the MIS report.

The EIS report helps the executive to get a complete analysis of the fee student-wise, division-wise, class-wise and even organization-wise.

Multiple Reports:

Multiple reports can be generated as per the organization’s requirements. The reports such as daily income, expense, overall balance sheet, etc. can be generated. The school can even generate the report for Day Book, Cash and Bank Transaction, Bank Reconciliation, Ledger-wise group summary, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, etc.

Tarija is a well-known feature of Tally Software, which is also available in Vidyalaya Software, this feature is available on-screen as well as in printable option date-wise. This Report is available ledger-wise with detailing on debit and credit balance of Assets, Income, and expenditure.

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