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Ultimate Guide on Education ERP Software for Schools

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Ultimate Guide on Education ERP Software for Schools

education erp software

ERP software for schools is no more a luxury, they have become a necessity for educational institutes. If you want to match the speed of the new-age era, then education ERP system is a mandatory thing for you. It is a complete package of related modules that will offer a complete functionality cycle from admission to results declaration. The features offered by the ERP software facilitate all stakeholders of an educational institute.

There are multiple players in this domain who are serving this vast industry but Vidyalaya is retaining its top-notch position with its incomparable features. The large clientele will tell the story of trust, dominance in the sector, and reliability. The education ERP software produced by Vidyalaya is the ultimate product that will fulfill all requirements of an educational institute.

The ERP software includes various modules like:

  • Admission Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Student Management
  • Employee Leave Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Timetable Management
  • Fee Management
  • Event and activity management

If you are planning to implement this miracle on your campus, here is the ultimate guide on the Education ERP system for schools that may help you throughout your journey. Below are core modules along with fascinating features:

Admission Management

Complete automation to admission cycle from releasing notification on the school website to moving the user to the admission module and completing the entire process, Vidyalaya’s School ERP system has all it for you. Students can get a unique id and proceed with that id to complete the admission process.


  • Admission inquiry and comprehensive form
  • The direct link with student management
  • Configurable with institute’s website for online admission
  • Admission follow up details
  • Unique ID for all students
  • Perfectly customizable to meet the institute’s requirements

Attendance Management

If you are frustrated with maintaining attendance registers and still not getting the desired results, then just make a shift to Vidyalaya’s Education ERP Management Software. The software will take care of attendance management and you will be soon free from flaws of the manual attendance management system. Integration with biometric or RFID will not let you down when there is an issue with the attendance of students.


  • Subject wise attendance
  • Day wise/ repeat attendance
  • Quick attendance
  • Cumulative attendance
  • Attendance percentage
  • SMS alerts to absentees
  • Standard and custom reports

Student Management

Student management has gained ultimate importance with the advancement of time. Getting detailed information about each student and maintaining it for a long time is the need for the hour. A good education ERP system stores all relative information and keep it safe by following authentication and authorization rules. And Vidyalaya satisfies all the criteria for becoming the best school ERP system.


  • Stores complete profile with photograph
  • Family and guardian details
  • Facility for uploading documents
  • Data import and bulk upload facility
  • Auto roll number generation
  • Inbuilt ID card
  • Custom search reports

Employee Leave Management

An institute runs efficiently with the help of its staff. Efficient management of staff management helps the administration to perform the daily activities with optimum use of resources. In any institute, maintaining the leave records of each employee and feeding it at the time of payroll is a mandatory thing to do. Vidyalaya understands the grade-wise leave structure and processes the leave cycle without any human intervention with its education ERP software.


  • Define leave types
  • Grade wise leave settings
  • Employee leave the form with its applicable leaves’ details
  • Leave approval process
  • Employee leave report
  • Employee Monthly attendance report

Payroll management

Every month payroll is processed to generate the salary amount for each employee. Manual payroll processing is no less than a headache that needs to be borne every month. So, many institutes shift to automated payroll management. But, Vidyalaya has more in its kitty. The integration of all modules will enable the management to process payroll without any hassle. Integration of employee management module along with employee leave management will automatically calculate the correct salary by considering all aspects. Education ERP Management Software offered by Vidyalaya will process the payroll flawlessly.


  • Configurable fee heads
  • Define separate payroll for multiple departments
  • The auto calculation for dependent fee head
  • PF and Tax deduction
  • Employee payroll slip
  • Yearly and monthly payroll reports

Timetable Management

The staff of every institute gets engaged with timetable preparation every year after the academic year starts. The creation of a timetable for every standard and for every division requires a lot of permutation and combination strategy in accordance with subjects and subject teachers. Vidyalaya automates the timetable creation and gives you a perfect timetable for each class that will give justice to each subject without any collision. The School ERP software is just a perfect tool for efficient timetable creation.


  • Alerts on exceeding subject limits
  • Alerts for teacher occupancy
  • Timetable for students
  • Timetable for teachers
  • Proxy settings

Fee Management

If you don’t want your institute to watch a scene of long waiting queues for paying fees then adopting Vidyalaya’s education ERP system that includes a fee management module is the best solution. The system works like a genie for both parents and school staff as parents can pay fees anytime, anywhere and school staff doesn’t need to bear the workload of fee processing as the entire fee payment process is automated. Also, advanced security is entitled as the payment gateway integration is reliable and impeccable.


  • Standard or custom fee setup facility
  • Fee setup with multiple fee categories and deposit
  • Configuration of concession/addition
  • Multi receipt book configuration
  • Generation of receipt on auto fee payment
  • Instant SMS alert on payment of fees
  • Mapping with different bank accounts
  • Standard and custom reports

Event and Activity Management

School life is exciting with different events and extra-curricular activities. Maintaining track of each event and its requirements is made easy with Vidyalaya’s Education ERP Management Software. All records may it contact details, financial records, any special needs, all data is stored effectively and retrieved on demand without any hassle.


  • School calendar
  • Upcoming event/activities
  • Enrolment facility
  • User-defined color scheme
  • Mobile app integration

Along with these core modules, Vidyalaya is bundled with other modules like student assessment, HR, scholarship, academic, front office, MIS, health, and other custom modules to make the education cycle complete. The Education ERP Management Software is really bliss for institute runners as it will bring fruitful results and will help you to stand firmly in this throat-cutting competition era.

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