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Vidyalaya School Management System Offering Services in Chhattisgarh

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Vidyalaya School Management System Offering Services in Chhattisgarh

Vidyalaya School Management System offering services in Chhattisgarh 11

Chhattisgarh is a well-known state located in the region of central India. Chhattisgarh is a tourist place where people visit and enjoy the weather and beauty of its well-known places.

Talking about the education in Chhattisgarh, the children start studying at a very young age, as per the rule of the city the student have to take education from Montessori school for three years and later on can take admission in the primary section.

The Well-known educational institutes in Chhattisgarh are Amity University, Raipur, Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Kalinga University, and many more educational institutes are available in Chhattisgarh, for the students who want to make their career bright and want to make their identity well-known worldwide.

Looking at the current situation of covid-19 and relating the School Management Software facility with the educational institutes, This is the most critical time for the educational institutes to manage all the data manually and make the children learn from home.

Seeking a solution to this problem? Now the wait is over, implement Vidyalaya, make your campus digitize, and say bye to the manual work. With Vidyalaya Campus Management Software one can manage all the work in a simple manner.

Vidyalaya School Management Software is a one-stop solution for all the schools and colleges consist of 8+ integrated plugins and 35+ modules, which fulfills the need of the entire campus to make it digitize and manage all the administrative and academics activities on fingertips.
Vidyalaya provides multiple choices for the institutes in terms of implementing Vidyalaya, the institutes can always select the modules and integration needed for the campus and can always upgrade the ERP whenever required. The institute can manage the data such as Student GR, Attendance, Certificate, Fee, Exam Result, Employee, Payroll, Time table, Lesson planning, and much more.

Vidyalaya always takes care of their clients in terms of implementing the School Software, the complete training of the users, the ROI of the client, the data security, and many more such things. Feedback from the clients is also been taken frequently from multiple departments.

All the respective schools are getting developed in the field of education and society in various prospective at the percentage level of around 60%.

The most precious clients of Chhattisgarh implemented Vidyalaya in the organization are mentioned below:

Takshshilaa International School:

The school has implemented the Campus Management Software in the school in a very short term period, implementing all the modules and integrate successfully with the complete training of all the employees.

The management is using all the necessary modules required in the school such as Employee, Student, Fee, Assessment, Admin, Certificate. Integration such as VC (Virtual Classroom), SMS, Payment Gateway, Barcode Scanner, and Tally Integration.

It helped in evolving and integrating the need of the school with our Vidyalaya School Management Software and made the paperwork digitalized.

Vedic International School:

Vedic International School provides updates to the parents with all the casual or mandatory information of a student with the help of the Vidyalaya Mobile Application. Mobile application helps the parents to stay connected with the school and can get all the information of their ward in one go.

Vidyalaya is used worldwide, one can contact us via multiple modes, through the website, by sending an E-Mail, or by directly calling on the numbers provided on the website.

It fulfills all the functional and administrative needs at the school level. The client has experienced that, the only product behind our success and development of the school and education is Vidyalaya School ERP.

With the help of the dedicated service support team of Vidyalaya, we are serving more than 1500+ clients globally with the client satisfaction of 99.9% and solving all the queries of the clients within 24 working hours, we also provide an escalation matrix to our clients for any query or concern. To know more from our clients, you can brief out to client testimonials available at our website.

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