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Why Vidyalaya is the Most Prominent School Management Software in Bangalore?

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Why Vidyalaya is the Most Prominent School Management Software in Bangalore?

Why Vidyalaya is the most prominent School Management Software in Bangalore?

Bangalore which is officially known as Bengaluru which means “Town of Boiled Beans”, was named after an old lady who served cooked pulses to a lost and starving Hoysala king. In 1537 the servile lord Kepegowda established a mud fort here, although it continued to remain suspense until 1759 when the city was gifted to Hyder Ali by the Mysore maharaja.

Bangalore is known as a garden city because of its Tree-Lined streets and pleasant weather. Bangalore is not only one of the metropolitan cities but the most advanced and developed cities in India. It is located on the Deccan Plateau in the south-east of Karnataka. It is India’s third most populous city While Bangalore is perhaps most well-known as a tech hub in India, it has so much more to offer! Bangalore is famous for its gardens, religious sites, nightlife, shopping, and architecture. Bangalore is nicknamed the Garden City and was once called a Pensioner’s Paradise. Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India since it is India’s leading IT exporter. The fact is more than 65% of Bangalore’s population is migrants which is specifically because of its cultural diversity and education system.

Bangalore is divided into two parts like North Bangalore and South Bangalore. Some of the popular and all-important areas like Vidhan Soudha, Majestic, HAL, Chinnaswamy Stadium, Cubbon Park all come under the South part. The district is called Bangalore Urban Basavanagudi. It is one of the most famous areas of the southern zones. There are different categories of students like western cultures students that stay in this area. Tamil community people stay in South Bangalore Malleswaram is one of the oldest and most historical parts. In the north zone of Bangalore, it has a rich legacy of culture and heritage. Initially populated mostly by Brahmin families, today it is a wonderful combination of old and new aged people. Wide Roads, good connectivity, lots of parks and play areas for kids, temples, restaurants, shops, hospitals are in the north zone of Bengaluru. The outer areas like Hebbal, Devanahalli (Airport) fall under the North part are also significant.

Bangalore, the garden city of India is also one of the leading for its education system. Bangalore comes into the list of the top 5 cities for the best education in India. In schools, it is divided into pre-primary (lower kindergarten (LKG) and upper kindergarten (UKG)) primary (first to the fifth standard ), upper primary (six to the eighth standard), secondary (ninth and tenth standard), and upper secondary (11th and 12th standard), Undergraduate. It is an important stage in students’ careers where they select the correct stream depending on their choice of subjects, undergraduate programs can vary in duration from three to six years. E.g., a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) will take three years to complete while a medical student can expect to attend classes for 4.5 years and an internship of another one year. Postgraduate: Upon completion of an undergraduate program, students can opt to train in a post-graduate program of their choice to further add to their qualifications.

Schools in Bangalore generally run on public and private (both aided and un-aided by the government) bases. There are several international schools and colleges in the city mainly due to ex-pats and It hub. Top schools like Bangalore International School, Treamis World School, Chrysalis High School, Inventure Academy, Shishya BEML Public School, and New Oxford English School. The nationally renowned institutes like National Institute of Design (NID), National Law School of India University (NLSIU), International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IITB), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Raman Research Institute (RRI) are only some of the centers of 125 R& D centers in different fields.

The school management-based ERP has played an integral part for Bangalore to be one the best in terms of education in the country. Principally the school management software is generally used to manage the school functions Precisely. School management software is a secured, user-friendly, innovative application for parents and school administration. School management application helps Management authorities to quickly access information about students and employees. The school management system contains a lot of information like admin section, teacher panel, parents panel, online fees payment, e-exams & result publishing, study material management, virtual classroom, and many more features to streamline the school functions for both the parents and the school administration.

Vidyalaya is a complete school management software. Many of the premium institutes use the Vidyalaya in Bangalore city.

Shishya BEML Public School uses most of the features to reduce the teachers and administration task, They use the Virtual classroom, Vidyalaya’s mobile application, Academic, students, and employee management.

Parishrama NEET Academy has also started to use the school management software of Vidyalaya and has managed their system with fees management, student management, and employee management. They also got equipped and currently sorting their queries Mobile Application, Exams and Students certificates and academics.

If we address New Oxford English School, they communicate with the parents through SMS integration of Vidyalaya, Fees management of the students, student and employee profile management.

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