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Reasons Schools Should go for cloud-based School Management System

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Reasons Schools Should go for cloud-based School Management System

reasons why schools should move to cloud solutions

Looking towards the situation of COVID-19, many educational institutes are facing a major problem for accessing the data and even sharing the data with parents. Moving to a cloudbased school management system, schools can overcome this major issue and many more.

Vidyalaya effectively computerizes your daily school operations like Student Admissions, Student details, Attendance, Exam, Fees collections, Certificate, Timetable, Income Tax, Library, Hostel, Transportation, Accounts, Loan, Employee & Leave management, Payroll, Appraisal, etc and frees you from time-consuming tedious manual work.

Below are some most important points for an organization to select a cloud-based school management system in their School.

Cloud-Based User-Friendly Software :

Talking about Vidyalaya, a cloud-based school management solution, the teachers, parents, and the students can use the software in a very flexible way. The cloud solution is so user-friendly that each module can be understood within one go.

Online Multi-Campus Management and Summarised Data :

The organizations having multiple campuses can be managed online and summarised data of all the campuses can be checked by the management if they have cloud-based School Management Software. With one click the management can have various summarised data such as New admission student strength, Total fee collection, Overall exam results, and the MIS and EIS report.

Cloud Solution Software New Updates :

The cloud-based school management software used by the school can be updated easily when required or the updates in the software can be done according to the need of the school. School can get real-time data and can share with the parents.

When the software is updated, the school staff and the parents can use it with no strain as the updates in the software are made much user-friendly.

Online 24/7 Data Availability and Protection :

By implementing cloud-based school management system, the school can access the data 24/7 from anywhere anytime. The data stored in the cloud can be exported when needed by the school. The data stored on the cloud will be protected from the Ransomware/Malware.

Handy Mobility :

Nowadays the cloud-based school management ERP data can be shared in the smartphones with the students and the parents. Mobile is a handy device that one can use anywhere anytime. The teachers can share the information of the students to the parents such as the Examination result, Fees details, Attendance and much more

Apart from the teachers and the parents, Management also can get much of the information on the smartphone such as the summary reports for each activity going in the school starting from admission to accounting.

Adaptable :

As described in the “Mobility” the teachers and the parents can communicate and can have a detailed view of the activity of the student. The enhanced flexibility of the cloud software helps in improving the collaboration between teachers and parents.

Online Data Reliability :

The security of the data is most important for any organization. They can rely on the Vidyalaya cloud-based school management system with their data security. The teachers and other staff will be free from taking the backup and restoring the data. Schools can get the data at any time anywhere and can save the cost of data storage.

Capital Investment :

Moving to the cloud-based school management system, the school does not need to invest in the hardware, instead, the organization can invest in the betterment of the school. The organization needs to have just a good internet facility and they can use the software smoothly.

Operating Cost :

As described in the “Capital Investment” the organization does not have to invest in the hardware, so there will not be any cost for the maintenance also. The organization can provide many more other facilities to the staff and students.

Various Integrations with Cloud-Based Solutions :

Various features such as Online Payment, Vehicle Tracking System, Online Exam, Virtual Classroom can be integrated with the cloud-based school management software. The various integrations can be helpful to the students, parents, teachers, and management.

Online Payment :

Parents can pay the fees online through various payment modes such as Paytm, PayUMoney, Net Banking, etc, So coming to school or going to the bank would be no more difficult for parents.

Vehicle Tracking System :

School Vehicles can be tracked with the help of VTS. The various features such as real-time location, nearby vehicle, geo-fencing are available with the cloud solution.

Online Exam :

With the help of Online Exam Integration, the school can conduct the exam for the students. The students can also give the exams on the off days of the school by sitting at home.

Virtual Classroom :

Live lectures can be conducted by the teacher and by one click students can join the lecture. The teacher can share study material with the student instantly and even the recorded video lecture can be shared.

A cloud-based school management system will completely digitize the organization with all the features and functionalities. The school will have lots of benefits and cost-effective.

Vidyalaya provides the world’s best cloud-based school management system with updated features and functionalities. For more information about cloud based school management software.

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