Vehicle Tracking System Now Integrated With Vidyalaya

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Vehicle Tracking System Now Integrated With Vidyalaya


School Transportation has a very big role in the child secure transition from school to home & vice versa.

And with increasing cases of children trafficking & missing children, the school’s responsibility has also increased in improving child’s security. Parents also stay worried whole day long if the child has arrived properly & the concern prolongs till the child returns safely in the evening.

Considering all such issues & worries, Vidyalaya has introduced Vehicle Tracking System already successfully implemented in many schools as well. By execution of Vidyalaya Vehicle Tracking System in your campus, the school can provide real-time updates to parents & school authorities about the school vehicle’s location.

Features of Vidyalaya Vehicle Tracking System

  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Live Tracking
  • Trip Playback
  • Alerts via SMS / Notification
  • Easy Import / Export

Useful reports

  • Pickup/ drop trips
  • Speeding Report
  • Travel Report
  • Driver Performance
  • Trip Attendance
  • Non- Professional Usage

Benefits of investing in Vehicle Tracking System

  • Increased Child Safety
  • Parental Monitoring
  • Bus Maintenance Examining
  • Cut off extra fuel costs
  • Track driver’s behaviour
  • Track Speeding and Unsafe Driving Practices
  • Improve Ecological Accountability
  • Improved Scheduling for Schools
  • Peace of mind

So easily take control of your complete fleet with Vidyalaya Vehicle Tracking System.

For more details & demonstration call Vidyalaya Sales Department today… (9726748800/ 9426476084)

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