Why Live Vehicle Tracking is Important for School Bus?

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Why Live Vehicle Tracking is Important for School Bus?

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VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) helps for Supervising & Managing school buses. It empowers you to verify your vehicle location at any time from the convenience of a web-based application from their exact GPS location to their stoppage points, their complete route & their speed statistics.

Nowadays, the safety of students is a major factor for school and parents as well. Tracking a vehicle in which the students are traveling is now available on fingertips. The Live Tracking System helps the organization to know the location and activities of the driver.

The organization and the parents will not have any fear for the students, especially when the students are taken for any tour or picnic from the organization. They can track the vehicle at each point and also the actions of the driver.

Get live location of vehicle Instantly

As we are aware of the traffic in megacities, it is normal that the bus may get late sometimes at the time of pickup and drop of the students. The parents can check the location of the bus and accordingly can reach the pickup and drop point.

The parents and management can get immediate notification on the mobile application regarding the delay of the bus, thus it reduces the stress of the parents. The management and the parents can track the complete route of the vehicle on the mobile application.

The organization just needs the School bus tracking system or Global Positioning System (GPS) which helps to get the live location of any vehicle, complete information of the bus driver and students.

Driver Accountability and Responsibilities

When the parents send their child in the school transport, they trust the school administration and the bus drivers for child safety and bus maintenance, Thus it is very important for the organization to have such a system which can track all the activities of the driver.

The driver will be accountable to pick and drop the students on time, to drive the bus within a speed limit, to check the fuel of the vehicle, not to use the vehicle for personal work, etc.

With the Vehicle tracking System facility, the driver will be responsible for all the activities done by him, as the management will get all the information directly in the mobile application.

Over-speeding alerts for management

To get the assurance of the speed of the vehicle, with the help of the Global Positioning System (GPS), the school can get the alerts of over-speeding for each and every vehicle drawn. The management can make sure for the safety of the students.

If the vehicle is drowned in over-speed or rashly the management instantly gets the alert and can contact the driver, thus the management can prevent the driver and school staff from indulging in any foul.

Bus leaving and arriving notifications

The school management and the parents can get the alerts when the bus is leaving from the premises and arriving at the pickup point or drop point of the student.

In the season of monsoon, some of the vehicles may get damaged due to water problems. VTS helps to find the nearby vehicle of the organization in such condition and can send their ward in other vehicles to the school.
The administration can send instant alerts to parents about the vehicle damage of any of the problems.

Live attendance with the help of Mobile App

Taking attendance in the bus now becomes on fingertips with the help of Mobile Application. The conductor or the teacher can take the attendance of the students who are using School Transportation.

The attendance can be taken at the pickup as well as drop point both. The parents can get the notification of the attendance as well.

Trip Playback Available for Management

The management can record the trip of all the vehicles where it is traveling. They can check the trip playback when-ever needed. In case of any disaster or damage to the bus, the management can check the trip playback.

Geo-Fencing for Parents

Geo-fencing helps the parents to know the arrival of the bus within the defined radius. Google map is supported by the vehicle tracking system. When the vehicle reaches the defined radius the parents can get the notification for the bus arrival.


Vidyalaya provides the best Live Bus Tracking System fully integrated with mobile applications available for parents, teachers, and management. For more information about the GPS tracking system, you can refer to the link given below.

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