Attendance Management System

What is Attendance Management System and it features?

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What is Attendance Management System and it features?


Attendance Management system is something which is a very useful thing for different campuses. It is not only for Staff but also for students. Attendance management is the best way to make tedious attendance-taking automated work or at least somewhere easy to do. Attendance Management System helps its users to Mark, maintain (Records), and Make Different Analyses related to Attendance.

Attendance System helps users to mark the attendance of all students and employees of that organization.  There can be multiple ways also to mark attendance via an Attendance Management System. Attendance System can also be referred to as Attendance Management Software. 

Here these other methods of marking once attendance can be as follows: 

Bio Matrices:

This method includes the use of Fingerprint or Face Recognition Retina Scanning etc… 

UHF Redder:

UHF meaning Ultra High-Frequency Machines are another method of marking attendance. This is a kind of Long-Range RFID method only. 

Paper Punch Cards:

In this method, users are given cards made of one kind of paper and are requested to use it to mark themselves present. 

Mobile Application:

This is not an automated process but it makes attendance marking very easy. In this method attendance taker has to just mark present students and staff members present on a mobile screen. There are many more methods this is just some of them. 

Maintain (Record):

Attendance System (Attendance Software) not only helps in Marking Attendance but also helps in keeping a record of it too. Especially Cloud Based ERP Solutions because since they are cloud-based everything is stored in the cloud and it does not require any local storage plus you can access it anywhere you want since it is on the cloud. This is also a big motivating factor for many campuses to opt for Attendance Management Software or a Cloud-based ERP as its overs much more than Attendance. 

Make Different Analysis:

All attendance management software also helps different campuses make different types of analyses when it comes to Attendance.  For example, in traditional methods, it is already a hard and lengthy procedure to determine the total attendance of a single student and multiple averages on multiple bases.  But with Attendance Management it is easy to determine and make a much more complex analysis of the above-mentioned points.  

There are many advantages also to opting for an Attendance Management System:

As mentioned above and moreover to that it is useful to all stakeholders like Parents, Students, Management, Teachers, etc… 

As in if we take an Example then Parents will be able to average the attendance of their child plus they will be able to see when their child was absent plus it also helps in sending real-time notifications for absent and present too. 

For teachers, it would be very obvious as their attendance-taking task becomes very easy. Plus, these attendance management systems or also known as Attendance Management Software is cloud-based so a teacher can assess attendance data at any time.  It provides good help and makes any process faster too. 

Students, can keep track of their overall attendance percentage so they can also know when to take leave and when to be regular. 

Plus, this Attendance Management Software helps Campus Management too. As this will help them in analysis and report preparation also where they can see detailed and summarised all types of data. With that, we also offer many types of complex reports like Graphical representation where there are this year’s data as stand-alone data and also multiple-year data in comparison. It makes analysis thing for management of school very easy. It also helps in making a list of different kinds because it is easy for technologically advanced software to filter out students with low attendance in many of them. 

This is where products like Vidyalaya Shines because we have got everything above and much more. For example, Teachers can take attendance from a Mobile application or even use Bio Matrices plus even get reports, and also send notifications like absent presence through SMS, WhatsApp, and even a Mobile Application.  

So, if you are looking for attendance then do contact us.  We can assure you once you join hands with us you won’t need to look for anything else anywhere else. 

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