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Turn Your Hectic Admission Processes Into Smoother Ones!

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“Admission” is the most hectic part of any school process. To overcome this and make your campus digitize, Implement Vidyalaya’s online admission management module.

Looking towards the current situation, parents are afraid to send their ward to the school, and thinking to fill the admission form at campus premises will not be a thought for most of the parents.

Taking admission online in this COVID-19 situation will help the students, parents, and the staff members to stay safe and work effectively as well as can reduce the paperwork for the organization.

Below mentioned are some of the most important and considerable points for the organization which will be helpful in online admission management.

Restless work now becomes error-free

The admission management system helps the organization to have error-free data. As the data is being filled by the students, the ratio of data entering false decreases.

The admission management system helps the student to fill each detail correctly. It notifies the user if the data input is false or has any kind of minor error.

Online Admission Inquiry

The students willing to take admission in the organization will firstly inquire about the school, Vidyalaya provides an “Online Inquiry Form” for the students integrated with the school website.

The basic details of the students can be filled in the inquiry form. The organization can contact the students via the contact number provided by the students based on their inquiry.

Follow up of Interested Students

The Unique feature provided by Vidyalaya is the “Follow-up” of the students. After the student’s inquiry, the organization can take the follow-up of the students, if the students have not registered himself or herself as a permanent student.

The organization can send the messages to the students or parents according to the number provided in the inquiry form. The school can send custom messages as well as according to their need also.

The organization can have the data of all the inquiry done by the students, in future if the school wants to contact the students those who have not taken the admission, they can approach them via their contact number.

Online Admission Form Filling Via Website

Online admission software provides you an online admission form integrated with the organization’s website. Students can straightforwardly fill the form from the website of the organization.

The basic fields for admission can be customized according to the need of the organization. The organization can set the fields as mandatory or required, they can add extra fields apart from the provided fields in the admission form.

The organization will get notified whenever each student fills the admission form. Each student will have their unique form number so that the organization can get the details of the students simply according to the form number.

Converting temporary students into permanent students

The organization can mark the students as temporary if they are not sure to take the admission at the moment can provide them a temporary GR number, later on, the students can be marked as permanent and can be given a permanent GR number.

This feature helps the organization to know the exact strength of the students and can get a better idea about the admission of the students.

Filtration of the Students

At the time of admission, many of the organizations set the criteria for the students as merit marks of the caste category and filter the students according to their policy.

The students can be filtered out based on their previous merit marks as well as their caste category. The organization can send custom messages to all the students according to their needs such as selected, sorted, and rejected, etc.

Exam before Admission

The organization can take the exam prior the admission and can filter the students based on the marks obtained by the students. The organization can set the criteria according to their need such as a written exams, oral tests, personal interviews, etc.

Admission Mark Entry

Once the examination is conducted, the organization can do the mark entry in the software, and based on the marks the students can be selected for admission. This helps the organization to find bright students.

Online Admission can make the campus digitize as well as branding of the school can be done as the students will be able to fill the form online from the website, which also will help the parents to know more about the new technologies.


Vidyalaya provides the online admission management feature to enhance the work of the school and make it smooth as it is the most hectic part of the organization.

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