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School ERP Vs College ERP

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In my past blogs, I talked about how and why educational institutes need Campus Management Software to run their daily administrative activities and manage records and all kind of academic documents and reports of student and stakeholders of a particular campus.

But every institute is different specifically College and School, although basic and some primary activities are same, but there is a vast difference between assessment and financial activities. Today we will decide how and what should be the difference between College ERP and School ERP.


The assessment process is one of the major differences between School and Colleges. In school, there is only this simple pass and fail concept, but college this concept is elaborated in three steps which convey different rules and regulations to pass and fail any student. In School ERP, status of each student is defined by the pass and fail on the basis of class, but in College ERP, status of each student is defined on each subject, for instance, it can be Pass, or have backlog in some subject and some also do have ATKT, this make the assessment module different from School’s assessment module.


Attendance system of school and college varies in a major way. In school attendance system varies from school to school, for instance, some take only on time, some take twice during the first period and the second period. But college takes attendance in every subject individually and each of them is evaluated individually, not on the overall basis. Attendance is the factor during exams and unlike school in colleges this record separately to each subject semester wise.


This difference is very common but important indeed, how? In school majorly batches are divided yearly, but at the college level, this yearly system is diluted down to a semester system in which half yearly Even and Odd semester system is applied. This batch makes an impact directly and indirectly on the attendance and assessment section. Although it is not much ERP is to be designed compatible with the process and functionality of individual institutes.

So, if you are looking for any Erp solutions for your Educational institute make sure, they don’t trick you with the same software ask them to rectify above differences between College ERP and School ERP.

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