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5 Reason Schools Must Have Student Information System

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5 Reason Schools Must Have Student Information System


Yesterday on 12th January 2016 we had National Youth Day. This day is proclaimed as a birthday of Swami Vivekananda one of the great scholars of a world, he was famous for the speech he gave in a Global summit in Chicago on Humanity while representing India. He was a great philosopher and for the matter of fact, he was also curious about every new discovery and Inventions around the globe. Moreover, he was a great supporter of the saying.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

We all know the meaning of the proverb above, so let just skip the explanation and focus on why I used that proverb, every organization has administrative work and this administrative work include lots of paperwork and record management and this case is even more complicated when need to preserve track from the previous year as well. Educational Institutes are one of the organizing bodies need to preserve the records of each and every student who studied or studying on their campus, that’s the reason school’s are using School based ERP solutions.

So let’s discuss what are the necessity educational institute have or what are the reasons they need Student Information System. Below are the 5 reasons school must have SIS.

Student Data:

The basic reason of having this ERP solution is to maintain and secure the data related to students they have in all aspects from birth date to blood group. With help of SIS schools can keep data of past dozen years and that too without sweating, after all, they don’t need to handle piles of files.

Attendance and Academics:

The software for School management is the best way to manage the attendance, academic and other curriculum activities of the educational institute. Having student information software ease school’s work of directing the excess from here and there. In addition, the attendance records of campus staff can also be carried out with this ERP solutions.

Fees and Accounting:

As everybody knows that there are a number of departments in every educational institute like admin, canteen, library, sports, academic planning, examination cell and more, but among all these governing the flow of money is most important because directly or indirectly every activity is connected to money. The educational institute’s main source of income is the fees they receive from students, having Fee Management software helps schools to manage the fees of students effectively and this ERP software also helps to maintain the accounts of expense and earning of educational Institutes.

Resource Management:

School ERP solutions helps the school to keep their hands on the resources used by campus such as canteen, library, transport, hostel, inventory etc. Resource management module helps campuses to manage the records of the hostel, from assigning the room to the assets of the hostel. Books details in a library can be stored in the software that makes it easy to find, issue and reserve the same. Moreover, the reports on all this resource can be carried out to get details in every aspect.

Communication and Paperless:

One of the major concern of any educational institute is to make a healthy and perfect communication with all the stakeholder of the school, college or any other education institutes. With the help of Student Information System, the school gets the efficient tool to carry out Parents Teacher meetings easily and circulate the circulars and notice with an instance. In addition, this way schools can become a paperless organization in no time and for the matter of fact with the help of student information system campus reduce more than 86.32% of paper consumption. Becoming a paperless organization is one worth full reason to have a Student Information System.

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