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Top 5 Reasons Why School ERP Software is Important?

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Top 5 Reasons Why School ERP Software is Important?


Introducing technology in various fields is important as technology is moving at a rapid speed in our modern digitized era. In any organization managing, the company’s operations can be a hectic task. ERP that is Enterprise Resource Planning usually helps in managing the day to day activities in any organization. It is generally used in Schools, Colleges, Business Intelligence, E-commerce, and many other sectors.

School Management based ERPs are used to manage all the administrative tasks and functions of the schools in an effective manner. Multiple schools and several tasks can be managed from one School Management based ERP, there are so many areas in the schools that should be handle with expertise. Admissions, Attendance, Assessment, Fees and Accounting Management, Attendance Tracking, Virtual Learning are just some of the major things in the school’s administration. All these demands can be fulfilled with one solution that is “ School Management based ERP.

Following are the 5 important reasons why School ERP Software is important:

1. Student’s enrolment with 360-degree automation:

The first thing while managing the whole student data is students’ admission. Traditionally parents inquire in the schools and then the student’s admission is confirmed. In an ERP tool the parents can fill up the online inquiry forms and the school admin team can take follow-ups with managing the same in ERP. So all the data can be managed digitally with no paperwork. Once the student’s admission is confirmed, the complete profile of students and their parents is managed in it. 360-degree automation is vital for any school. As it gives the management complete data of the students like general details, fees data, presence average, results, and other tasks assigned to the students. This feature can help schools immensely to analyze the students and update parents about their child’s progress.

2. Online fees payment and management:

One of the crucial functions in schools is fee collection. Generally, parents have to rush to the schools and pay it which consumes a lot of time. In school management based ERP’s, the schools can configure an effective payment gateway and help the student to pay fees online. Parents just need to log in to the application and pay the fees virtually and can instantly get the receipt of the same with all required details in it. If any parent wishes to pay in the bank, the schools can also provide them the statement concerning that parent can even go to banks and pay the fees. The school management can analyze all the fees collection with various reports available in the ERP. As a result not only parents even schools can breathe easy with productive fee management.

3. Attendance management:

In any organization monitoring attendance is one of the significant tasks. Same with schools as it is one of the factors which decides students’ progress. Attendance generation and reviewing are some of the main features of ERP. The class in-charge can generate attendance and share regular notifications with the parents. If the Bio-Metric machine is integrated, attendance is marked automatically. The school supervisors can review various reports and communicate with the child or parent if the attendance is not great.

When we go through attendance management of whole organizations the employees are also included in it. As we checked with Bio-Metric Installation even employees’ attendance is marked and notification is shared with them and their respective manager. Based on it the school management can do their payroll process and finally publish the payslips to the employees. As with automated attendance, the school can track the attendance fast, reduced error, and no manual or paperwork.

4. Effective and easy communication with parents:

In schools or colleges, regular communication is an integral part. The school ERP software helps the administration to be in touch with the parents frequently. In ERPs, it is relatively easy to assign tasks to the students but the most important thing is whether the parents get to know about their child’s studies and academic progress. Educators can easily update parents about their results and mark sheets, attendance, homework, online classroom lecture information, timetables, and much more. The school management can also share their customized messages in form of SMS, E-mail, or push notification and update the parents effectively. With all these features parents can always be in the loop and can access their child’s tasks which helps them to trust the schools even more.

5. Management Information Systems:

The MIS (Management Information System) in an ERP helps the admin team to have the management leveled information and make the best decisions. It assists the school administration immensely. As they can check and analyze various aspects related to students and employees. With the fee dashboard, they can monitor paid and pending fees of the students. In the admission dashboard, management can check daily inquiry counts. In the attendance dashboard, management can check staff and students’ attendance. In the summary dashboard, they can check the overall summary of transport, library, and users (Registered and Non registered users of their school). Furthermore, they have academic dashboards through which management can check lesson plans, circulars, and classwork/homework. In the assessment dashboard, they can check various examination related details with graphical representation. Lastly, with the attention dashboard, they can check pending details like pending fees with student details, pending homework from teachers, and many more.


Based on all the above-mentioned functions, we can pretend that the school ERP Software is important because it streamlines school administration with its features.

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