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H. M. Education Centre, Kolkata, West Bengal

The HMEC professors and students, pledge to work to make our community a more just and humane place. Our forefathers' motivation, which began in 1965, continues to enhance this devotion. Our commitment to really humanitarian education is demonstrated by our commitment to creating a secure, pleasant, courteous, including, and welcoming learning environment that allows each child to reach their great prospects. We encourage our students, teachers, facilitators, and parents to work together just to realize our ambitious idea of a better India free of prejudice based on caste, colour, creed, socioeconomic status, or gender. Honesty, accountability, compassion, sustainability, harmony, justice, and public's trust are among the principles we strive to instill and encourage. Future entrepreneurs are being groomed for a genuinely globalized world. Assisting youngsters in their development into intellectually sound and scholarly individuals who are free of hubris. Vidyalaya is offering the best school app in various cities of West Bengal like Kolkata, Asansol, Durgapur, Howrah & Siliguri.



H.M. Education Center is situated in West Bengal with a strength of 3000+ students in the campus. Managing data of these many students along with employees and other resources was really getting on their nerves and there was no proper management of data done. Along with the data management of students, the main concern for the management of H.M. Education Center, West Bengal was to collect fees in easier and hustle free manner because whenever the time to pay fees comes, a long queue of parents gets.



We offered H M Education Center with a web-based platform in the presence of the Vidyalaya school management system, as well as important integrations such as SMS, mobile application, and online payment gateway. Check out the best school management software in Kolkata, West Bengal. Vidyalaya's mobile application bridges the gap between school and parents, allowing them to readily interact about their children's progress and other activities. Report modification and other features were also made available to them based on their requirements.


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H. M. Education Centre, Kolkata, West Bengal

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Vidyalaya is one of the leading ERP solutions for educational institutions across the world. It is a fully customizable solution with major features such as SMS, Online Payment, Vehicle Tracking, Online Exam, Mobile App, Biometric, Barcode, etc.

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