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Saudi Arabia currently focusing on standardized education as the literacy rates for males and females are 90.4% and 81.3% respectively. As the country has already established its impression as Oil Hub across the world, the ruling Kingdom has now decided to match the pace of new-age also. Improved digital connectivity strengthens the paradigm shift and ed-tech providers like Vidyalaya are ready to spread their wings in the largest empire of the Middle East with its phenomenal products like virtual classroom software in Saudi Arabia. The software is best-fit for new-age that understands changing requirements from classroom-led education to an online classroom. Set your students free to continue education at their own pace without bearing the location obstacles. The easy interface will make sure that users of any level will use the system with the same fluency.

As we have moved from web-based to mobile apps, Vidyalaya School Software offers the benefits of mobile applications through school app. Ensure your stakeholders access the data and perform their daily tasks without sticking them to the school locations. School app in Saudi Arabia is the best communication medium in today’s fast-paced era that bridges the communication gap between parents, teachers, students, and school administration. Saudi Arabia known for education that is based on religious foundation want to give a new face of today’s world. The ruling kingdom is now encouraging a practical-oriented curriculum along with global level boards like IGCSE, IB, British, MOE, along with traditional Arabic boards. And ditching the conventional manual method and choosing a dedicated school management software is the first step in this transforming journey. Let Vidyalaya be your travel partner along with its products and let your brand name shine in the skies of cities like Riyadh, Jeddah, Madina, and all-over Saudi Arabia!


Student Management System

As per the recent news from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, change in the current education system is inevitable. Today’s religious-based education will soon be transformed into a more moderate education in tuning to Prince’s Vision 2030. Vidyalaya is offering an advanced way through its student management system to all public and private schools to match the pace. A dedicated system will facilitate the stakeholders with required data with due accessible rights and keep them integrated. Let the analytics-ready repository of your students helps educational leaders to make efficient decisions for a bright future and establish you as a brand in Saudi Arabia.

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Online Classroom

Saudi Arabia is applauded by UNICEF for its efforts to promote education. From the increased digital connectivity, the Kingdom is expected growth rate of 21% till 2025 of ed-tech market. So, to match the agendas mentioned in Vision 2030, educational institutes in leading cities like Riyadh, Madina, Dammam, Jeddah, AI Mohammadiyyah, Al Thahabi, AI Olaya are reshaping their educational strategies. Vidyalaya offers a unified platform for online classroom following the regulations set by the National e-Learning Centre (NELC) for private and public schools of diverse board cultures. Allow connecting your students to their education through an interactive platform without bearing the location barriers.

New policies are being made to divert the current religion-based education to job-based education in Saudi Arabia, which is a welcoming gesture for the ed-tech companies across the globe. Vidyalaya, a legacy creator name in the ed-tech sector, embraces this paradigm shift with customized school management software in Saudi Arabia. It offers a single-roof approach for entire school management irrespective of board, scale, location. Let technology expands your visions in a modern approach and makes your future generation ready to shine at a global level!

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School App

We all are dealing with most of our daily activities at our fingertips using different apps, so why not school management! To back up the integration of technology in the educational system, Vidyalaya facilitates stakeholders of institutes situated in Riyadh, Jeddah, Aziziyah, and various locations of Saudi Arabia with an outstanding school app. Keep all your stakeholders on the same page by updating the content in a single place. Save the wastage of resources and turn the face of monotonous tasks into productive and efficient with the help of the apps. The school mobile app will work like a genie and let you complete all your tasks on your smartphone only within a few clicks.

Make A Buzz In The Skies Of Saudi Arabia With Vidyalaya’s University Management System!

The government of Saudi Arabia is revolutionizing the education system to meet international standards. To keep the standards high, public and private educational institutes in Saudi are opting for a technology-based university management system in Saudi Arabia. Vidyalaya, a leading software provider with a long clientele, shares this transformative journey with its superlative products.

Educational institutes spread across the prime areas of Saudi Arabia Riyadh, Madina, Dammam, Jeddah, AI Mohammadiyyah, Al Thahabi, AI Olaya seek this technology aid of university ERP for automating core activities like admissions, attendance management, student management, and report card generation. Bring all stakeholders together under one roof by removing communication hassles using the Institute Management software in Saudi Arabia. Make your institute campus a more happening place by sorting out all issues and offering a trustworthy source for each need with Vidyalaya’s campus management system in Saudi Arabia!


























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Frequently Asked Questions On Virtual Classroom

Yes, our software will automatically detect the participant’s internet speed and will optimise the virtual classrooms so that participants have a better experience.

Vidyalaya’s online classroom works best with leading browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as they have embedded support for webrtc. It will work on other browsers too but will require plugins to get installed.

Yes, we have a mobile app for student management software that will run on android and IoS smartphones.

Yes, Vidyalaya facilitates you to share your screen with the participants for better illustration. You can share slides, videos with participants so that they can get clarity of the topic. Click the ‘share screen’ option and select the file that you want to share. For videos sharing, make sure that the ‘Share computer Sound’ option is on.

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After using so many erp our search ended with Vidyalaya. It’s one of the best option available in market and budgetary too...!! –Excellencia Junior College


Vidyalaya Online learning helped me a lot in this pandemic situation, it was a bridge between student and teacher in Covid-19 – Keshav Memorial Educational Society


To use Vidyalaya Software is like a walk in the park as it is very easy and simple to use. Being loving this software since Day 1 – St. Anthony’s International School



Student Information Management System In Saudi Arabia

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