School ERP Software That Is Tailor-Made To Meet The Needs Of All The Administrative Staff Of Educational Institutions

Vidyalaya School ERP Software seamlessly integrates LMS, ERP, and digital content inside a school setting to benefit all parties concerned. Managing a school is simplified and more straightforward when the ERP's distinct capabilities operate in concert. For instance, once a student has been accepted to the school through the school portal, all the information provided thus far via the Admission Portal will be automatically added to the Student Information System or SIS system. This will take place after the student has been admitted to the school. Another area where the online school software can be of great use is the compilation of reports that comply with government regulations. The Classes Booking System in Cambodia facilitates viewing and modifying the student batch status, tracking items according to various batches, and the uncomplicated management of several batches.

Establishing a connection using School Websites with a diverse range of students who go through their education at varying rates may be rather challenging. Some students need help grasping an idea even after it has been taught to them just once, while this may be different for other students. Similarly, some students may better retain information using a Learning management system, while others may find learning is facilitated more using visual aids. Suppose the students have questions that need to be answered. In that case, they may either ask those questions after the class using the Classroom Talk option or send a message using the school app to the instructor privately using the option to conduct a Private Chat conversation.


College management software: highly customizable, centralized, and comprehensive software for colleges and universities

Our college ERP software is highly customizable, centralized, and comprehensive, designed specifically for efficiently administrating educational institutions. We favor a multi-campus system that, while allowing for a centralized database and modernized processes across universities, does not compromise the efficacy of any particular school. The College ERP System can automate and centralize various college administration tasks, including stakeholder insights, assessments, analytics, and performance, while generating individualized reports. College administration Software is very cost-efficient, helps cut administrative costs, and increases savings by eliminating paper use, all while providing an improved return on investment (ROI).

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Simplify information tracking for both parents and administrative staff with our student management system.

The Student Management system facilitates rapid communication via text messages, group emailing, chat, electronic notifications, parent portals, and web interfaces, as well as providing personal login credentials to various stakeholders. Our college management system helps with analytics-enabled dashboards, performance reporting, managing examinations, managing virtual courses, managing human resources, and keeping track of financial transactions. Using our Campus Management Software, you will get precise reports and analytics on admissions, fees, scholarships, academic records, event notifications, exam alerts, actual attendance, and practical compliance management, all of which will improve the operational efficiency and outcomes of the college.

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Empower the organization with complete and invaluable software to manage all campus activities.

College ERP Software modules designed for university administration are developed to facilitate a wide variety of activities and are adaptable to meet the specific needs of each educational institution. The Campus Management Software facilitates departmental operations and streamlines specialized educational programs throughout the institution. The Educational Software from Vidyalaya also standardizes, modernizes, and combines academic processes in Cambodia. The use of university management software helps maintain transparency across departments while also facilitating the administration of both educational and non-educational processes. We offer a bespoke Campus Management System in Cambodia that may be used to display active students, departmental reports, student fees, attendance, and staff status.

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Revolutionizing the education industry with a centralized platform for university management.

Students are provided with the necessary educational service assistance that they need, faculties can enable instruction, and departmental employees can have the institute support that they require to do their jobs more effectively when using a university management system. The college Software enhances decision-making processes, saves the efforts and time of faculties and other staff, connects stakeholders, and enables end-to-end academic management. The University ERP improves the operational effectiveness of the university system. We provide end-to-end University Software solutions for digitalizing all academic activities. We have already provided our Campus ERP to various educational institutions in Cambodia in cities like Kampong Cham, Kep, Kampong Thom, Koh Kong, Banlung, Kampot, Kratie, Phnom Penh, and Takeo. Battambang.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Student Software System

The customizable school management software Vidyalaya provides end-to-end solutions for managing a school, including admissions, academics, personnel, and attendance.

We provide the Management App, which puts the entire school in your hand and simplifies school management overall.

Leading specialists in the market praise our school management system. Customers from all around the world rely on us to deliver 99% customer satisfaction!

Since its introduction, more than 1800 educational institutions have used this software to efficiently manage admissions, sales, registration, timetabling, academic, learning, finance, payments, transportation, and library activities.

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School ERP Software In Cambodia


After using so many erp our search ended with Vidyalaya. It’s one of the best option available in market and budgetary too...!! –Excellencia Junior College


Vidyalaya Online learning helped me a lot in this pandemic situation, it was a bridge between student and teacher in Covid-19 – Keshav Memorial Educational Society


To use Vidyalaya Software is like a walk in the park as it is very easy and simple to use. Being loving this software since Day 1 – St. Anthony’s International School



Student Management System In Cambodia

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