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As the entire globe is noticing a rapid change in terms of technological advancement, Singapore which is one of the most developed countries in entire Asian Continent has also started thriving towards further advancements including the fields of education, industries as well other sectors. Speaking about further enhancements in educational sector, the country has been striving more towards the usage of student management system in schools and creating the smartest process by using school app solutions. Vidyalaya student management system has been constantly providing highly efficient solutions to schools including school app and school website designing services which not only help them to manage their campus administration but also help them to market their institute through attractive and user-friendly school apps. Vidyalaya helped a lot during the first Covid wave as it imparted the culture of virtual classroom and online learning in Singapore. Multiple educational Campuses across Singapore who are associated with Vidyalaya student information system were using Vidyalaya Virtual classroom and had an uninterrupted learning experience. One of the greatest features has been the emergence of school MIS systems as they guide through the daily fee collection, admissions and such reports.


Student Management System

Vidyalaya student management system provides multiple features like student database management, attendance management, certificate generation, parental communication and many more features just like this. Such a system proves to be the real partner for a school or any educational institute as all the features start to get managed through that. The efforts that an institute was supposed to put manually, face complete digitization and as a result, a lot of tasks get easier for the campus ad ministration team of any institute through a smart student management system.

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Vidyalaya Virtual Classroom

Vidyalaya as mentioned, has always helped to spread the culture of virtual classroom in Singapore and has provided an extra luxury across all the educational institutions. Students can safely stay at their places through all the highs and lows during such an era and have an exposure to uninterrupted quality of education and learning. Vidyalaya is still working towards further enhancements in terms of Virtual classroom to uplift the quality of online education in Singapore and hence it proves to be the best school management system in Singapore.

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Student Information System

In the race of digitization that the current world is facing, a fast-paced student information system plays a very crucial role. Vidyalaya school app has advanced facilities like mis system for the management criteria as all the information related to the students can be managed through the app that includes checking out daily fee collection, daily admissions and inquires as converted and also the academics including the results. Also, while we talk about smart student information system, it is also important to check the security aspect of the system. Singapore has always been highly advanced in terms of security aspects and hence they also implement highly secured sis systems in their institutes just like Vidyalaya sis system.

All-Inclusive Institute Management System In Singapore!

It is not easy to run an educational institute efficiently in today’s highly competitive era. But seeking technology aid and automating the daily routines to minimize human intervention errors is a competent decision taken by leading institutes of Singapore. Vidyalaya offers high-end automation to educational institutes of all scales, private and public schools spread across cities like Yishun, Bukit Batok, Serangoon, and others with its top-notch Institute management software in Singapore! Handle academic as well as non-academic activities like hostel management, admissions, fees management with ease with an institute management system.


Set A New Benchmark For University Management In Singapore With Vidyalaya’s University Management System!

Singapore universities are known for their excellence, high-quality education, student-friendly campus, and technology-based approach. Let this fame get multiplied by Vidyalaya’s futuristic University management software in Singapore. Streamline everything from pre-admission inquiry to alumni management, fee collection to campus management, and timetable scheduling to hostel management. Get all this under one roof of University ERP and use your resources wisely!


























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Frequently Asked Questions On Student Information System

Yes, Vidyalaya’s student information system is cloud-based, so the security of data is enhanced with cloud technology features. Role-based access and user authentication provide the security for data from unauthorized access.

Yes. Vidyalaya offers complete customization that can offer you tailor-made software that can perfectly fulfil your requirements.

Yes. Vidyalaya’s school management software comprises different modules as admission, fees management, student information, and others. All modules communicate with each other smoothly with real-time sync.

Vidyalaya offers exclusive support with the help of 45+ support engineers that are ready to solve your any type of queries. The dedicated staff can help you with service, maintenance, recovery, deployment issues over the phone, mail, and live mode of conversation.

The cloud-based student information system simplifies communication between parents, school, and students. Parents can track the progress of their wards through Emails, text messaging, and mobile apps.

Yes, Vidyalaya’s campus management software is cloud-based and so you can handle multiple campuses which are geographically based on different regions using the single campus management system in Singapore.

Vidyalaya always tries to blend technology and convenience in it all its products, so one can find payment gateway, SMS, GPS-based vehicle tracking, and Biometric attendance features with third-party integration.

Client Testimonials

School ERP Software Singapore


After using so many erp our search ended with Vidyalaya. It’s one of the best option available in market and budgetary too...!! –Excellencia Junior College


Vidyalaya Online learning helped me a lot in this pandemic situation, it was a bridge between student and teacher in Covid-19 – Keshav Memorial Educational Society


To use Vidyalaya Software is like a walk in the park as it is very easy and simple to use. Being loving this software since Day 1 – St. Anthony’s International School



Student Management System In Singapore

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