School Management System In Malaysia

Since 2009 drastically Malaysia has focused on and improved themselves in the field of Education and for this even World Bank has appreciated these efforts. By quoting their efforts and methods during speeches or by taking example they have been appreciated many times on an international level.

To make these sudden improvements Malaysia adopted a new method of education that is Delivery Unit Method where instead of Teaching and making it remember more focus is on learning. Now there is a very fine line between Learning and Remembering where Remembering is just for the short term where Learning is for the long term.

"Following the World Bank’s analysis of the LINUS approach, we are glad to share the approach with other countries seeking to improve education outcomes,”

“As we progress, we will constantly refine ways of delivery and continue to engage relevant institutions such as the World Bank to gather feedback and improve implementation.”

-Dato' Seri Mahdzir bin Khalid, Minister of Education.

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Virtual Classroom In Malaysia

Since Malaysia is making so much progress in the education industry many foreign students are also approaching the Malaysian Universities to study. So, many long-distance opportunities are also rising and a platform like Vidyalaya can provide great support in distance learning by offering integrations with one of the best video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google meets and Microsoft Teams. We have an online classroom module (a section of software) which is known as the Virtual Classroom Module and it can be very good for Malaysia too to get international students as it will bring more forex to the country.

Here are a few more reasons why an organization should try Vidyalaya

  • It Has School MIS
  • Vidyalaya essentially can work as a School MIS so it is not only an ERP you are getting an entire package where it serves more than one use.

  • SIMS System For Schools
  • Essential SIMS means School Information Management System which is a more specified version of MIS mentioned earlier but narrowed and specifically for schools. so it is very used much useful to them.

  • Everywhere Management
  • Vidyalaya is a cloud-based ERP so no matter where someone is in the world they can do their work as long as they are having internet connection. So, it also helps in eliminating geo limitations.

  • Is Useful To All Stockholders
  • So far mentioned use cases shows it is useful to only 3 parties. But it is not true. Vidyalaya can be used by any party as long as they get access from the School/College.

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School Management Software In Malaysia

So, the best way to implement this type of educational approach is by making campuses as digitally available as much as possible, and that’s where companies like Vidyalaya are great. The reason is we provide a very easy to learn and adapt to new software features. Some might also say that the learning curve is also very low with us. The software that we provide is also known as the school management system and since it is in Malaysia we can say the school management system in Malaysia.

Plus, we have got the experience that is also unbeatable which is of more than 20 years. The government of Malaysia understood the importance of education and its effect on the future of Malaysia as a country and kept education as its main priority.

Since it is so easy to use for students and our software has many dedicate modules (sections of software) dedicated to students we can also call it a student management system or student information system and since it’s Malaysia we can say it is a student management system Malaysia and student information system Malaysia too.

Here are a few more points why education ERP Systems have contributed to Malaysia's growth in the education system.

Revolutionize The Learning Methodology In Malaysia With Vidyalaya’s University ERP!

The Malaysian educational department is implementing all possible ways to offer high-quality education and make the Malaysian students fit for the global platform. Vidyalaya joins this mission with its wide range of outstanding products like university management system, SIS, or college management system. Break the norms of manual admissions or classroom-based learning, instead, offer the online admissions, portal-based communication, or virtual classrooms with Vidyalaya’s university management software in Malaysia. No matter the number of colleges underlying blow rapidly, the scalable software will manage everything without any hassle. Let the modernized approach resemble the new-age generation over the conventional learning!


Make Your Campus Sustainable With Vidyalaya’s Leading Campus Management Software In Malaysia!

Malaysian campuses are blessed with natural serenity and beauty, make them more sustainable with Vidyalaya’s campus management software. Optimize the usage of resources and bring the wave of eco-friendliness to the campus. Shift from manual attendance to biometric attendance, from paper-based exams to online exams, paper-flooded office to paperless office with the help of Vidyalaya’s campus management system in Malaysia. Implement the green campus idea in Malaysian institutes spread across Malacca, Ipoh, Johar Bahru, George Town, and others with Vidyalaya’s tailor-made Campus management system!


























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Frequently Asked Questions On Virtual Classroom

Yes, our software will automatically detect the participant’s internet speed and will optimise the virtual classrooms so that participants have a better experience.

Vidyalaya’s online classroom works best with leading browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as they have embedded support for webrtc. It will work on other browsers too but will require plugins to get installed.

Yes, we have a mobile app for student management software that will run on android and IoS smartphones.

Yes, Vidyalaya facilitates you to share your screen with the participants for better illustration. You can share slides, videos with participants so that they can get clarity of the topic. Click the ‘share screen’ option and select the file that you want to share. For videos sharing, make sure that the ‘Share computer Sound’ option is on.

Yes, one who has authorized access privileges can access the data stored on the cloud server. Vidyalaya’s institute management system categories the users of the data based on their roles, so users with specific roles can access the data, providing they have sufficient access privileges.

Yes, we provide mobile appas for institute management software and are available on android and iOS operating systems. One can download the app from android playstore and Apple App Store.

Client Testimonials

School ERP Software Malaysia


After using so many erp our search ended with Vidyalaya. It’s one of the best option available in market and budgetary too...!! –Excellencia Junior College


Vidyalaya Online learning helped me a lot in this pandemic situation, it was a bridge between student and teacher in Covid-19 – Keshav Memorial Educational Society


To use Vidyalaya Software is like a walk in the park as it is very easy and simple to use. Being loving this software since Day 1 – St. Anthony’s International School



Student Information Management System In Malaysia

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