Embed Technology and Secure Benefits of efficient Student data management with Vidyalaya’s Student Information System (SIS) in Turkey!

Turkey, the second country in the world in access to higher education with a 94.2% schooling rate, has already grabbed a place in the favourite education destination list. Not only the natural beauties with the beautiful landscapes attract students across the world but the excellent implementation of the Bologna Process of European Higher Education fetches students to live to their dream education here. To rise as a strong option in the world for quality education, Turkish education system currently facing some challenges like the quality of teachers, exam-oriented and memorization-based curriculum, inadequate infrastructure, inefficient school administration processes, and others. To evolve from these challenges, educational software providers like Vidyalaya step in. Turkish educational institutes spread across Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, Samsun, Konya, and others can get rid of these problems and can set a new benchmark in the Turkish education system with Vidyalaya.

Our wide range of products is fully compatible with any educational board, language, and geographical region and can serve the purpose to the fullest. We believe in the digitalization of the education and apparently, the institutes but keeping the core essence of learning intact. Looking at the futuristic requirements of digitalization of education system, we facilitate every stakeholder- school administration, teachers, students, and parents with our feature-rich college Software products. Shifting from manual to automation reaps several benefits like reduced workload, more efficiency, faster processing, accuracy, access to outer world, easy data storage and retrieval, and several others. Not only we automate the school management activities but also redefine your digital address by crafting exceptional, intuitive, and creative school websites that will surely increase your enrolment. Manage every single process of learning through our software without any hassle and give a modernized makeover to your educational institute to bring more fame!


Improve the Student Data Management through Vidyalaya’s SIS System!

Like any other corporate sector, the importance of data has been underlined in the education sector as well. Leading school software provider like Vidyalaya, identifies this opportunity and convert it into the high-end feature as the Student Information System of our educational software. Through this software, one can not only store and manage student data well, but it can be used for analytical purposes for making fruitful decisions. Work with a modernized approach and have complete data of students right from their admission to his/her current grades, remarks, submission status, health records, and other vitals at your table through our SIS system. Let the easy dashboard of our student information system (SIS system) reduce your workload significantly and give you easy access to student data stored in cloud storage. Cut down all possibilities of missing files or covering the entire office with heaps of files by opting for the digitalizing of student records with Vidyalaya’s Student management system!

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Enhance multicultural campus life with Vidyalaya’s Campus ERP in Turkey!

Turkey’s education is known for its easy adaptability to multicultural activities and thus has become favourite even among migrant students. We blend this flexibility into our campus management system and offer a new feature tailored for merely simplifying the campus activities. With our campus ERP, educational institutes located in the cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Sakarya, and others can manage campus management operations like admission, fee payment, hostel management, and others within a few clicks. Get us onboard to have a vibrant and hassle-free campus in Turkey!

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Simplify the College Management Processes with Vidyalaya’s College Management System in Turkey!

College management activities run all around the year and make the campus happening. We mould the way of operations in a technological way through our college erp system. Through our futuristic way of education, don’t restrict your students to focus on conservative ways of learning. Rather, introduce them to new ways that are more engaging and informative. Our college ERP software is enriched with several new-age features like virtual classrooms, biometrics, auto-scheduling of classes, GPS-based vehicle tracking systems, and several others. Not only school administration, but all stakeholders – parents, teachers, and students will have a common platform in the form of a college management system so that combined efforts yield sheer success. Address the issues in regular college management activities systematically using our college management software.

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Engross and Enhance the Reputation of Turkish University Education with Vidyalaya’s University Management System!

Turkey hosts several world-ranking universities, and this canvas is expected to expand in the coming few years. Vidyalaya presents an equally potential university ERP System to facilitate the upcoming universities and existing universities. Our feature-rich university software is all there to handle complex university operations like admission, exam management, result declaration, fee management, campus management, payroll processing, and academics. Our product is not just a university administration software, but we believe in offering in-direct benefits as well as improved inter-departmental communication, easy sharing of resources, smooth functioning, and reduced stress levels through our comprehensive university management software. Let our university system be your technological companion while shaping the bright future of your students!

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Join the Future of Smart Schools with Vidyalaya’s Contemporary School Management System in Turkey!

Turkey’s educational system is known for its flexible and high-quality education. Add a twist of technology and upgrade to smart schools with Vidyalaya’s school ERP software. Ditch those manual tiresome and lengthy working days and just finish your work with more efficiency with our specially designed school software products. Schools in Adana, Sivas, Bitlis, Izmir, and other areas of Turkey need to think out-of-the-box to revamp their daily activities like admission, payroll processing, student management, academics, and others through our school erp. Our contemporary School Management Software with seamless integrations like biometrics, GPS-based vehicle tracking system, online payment gateway, and WhatsApp brings new-age features are perfect for new-age parents and students. Let education be continuous by breaking the barriers of time, location, and device dependency through our comprehensive school app. Why wait, just choose us for a bright future!

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Frequently Asked Questions On Student Software System

With a digitalized SIS System, one can reap the following benefits:

  • Less paperwork
  • Reduced workload
  • Faster processing of student data
  • Efficient reporting
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Improved communication between stakeholders
  • Easy access to student records

Yes, Vidyalaya provides classes booking system which enables streamlining classes or session management activities like scheduling sessions, online fee payment, online admissions, hosting of virtual classes, and others without any hassle.

Yes, our campus management software comes in integration with the hostel management module which enables you to manage the hostel activities like admission, fee payment, in-out time management, room allocations, and several others through the same software.

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School ERP Software In Turkey


After using so many erp our search ended with Vidyalaya. It’s one of the best option available in market and budgetary too...!! –Excellencia Junior College


Vidyalaya Online learning helped me a lot in this pandemic situation, it was a bridge between student and teacher in Covid-19 – Keshav Memorial Educational Society


To use Vidyalaya Software is like a walk in the park as it is very easy and simple to use. Being loving this software since Day 1 – St. Anthony’s International School



Student Management System In Turkey

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