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Sanskar Bharati Vidhyalay, Surat

SBV is in Center of Surat City with robust infrastructural facilities and expertise services to provide the students an excellent environment for the learning experience, a vast knowledge base, and resources. At SBV strive to prepare students to keep always ahead of the global development in the field of education, by keeping pace with the time. The students at SBV get adequate knowledge and experience to be able to face the ever-increasing challenges in the contemporary world.To develop young individuals who think, question and are curious through inquiry-based learning for project work. To impart the world-class education to faster academic excellence, physical fitness, psychological and spiritual health, social consciousness and concern for the environment.



The school was using DOS-based School Management System Software since many years. The Software was not up to mark to satisfy the need of proper database management. In that software, they can only use current year data.They also had the problem to transfer student in the new academic year, they were unable to do any integration with current School management software.They were not at all satisfied as their objectives were not fulfilled.



Implementation of Vidyalaya with Multi-Year Creation Facility and our Vidyalaya offers easy way just a single click one can access the data of past students with our advanced search facility. Even transfer of students in new academic year turns to be the very easy task with our software.By our integrated solutions such as SMS Facility-to Inform parents about student-related activities, Biometric Solutions for Employee Presence.The school took a step of migration by substituting existing school management system software with Vidyalaya.


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Sanskar Bharati Vidhyalay, Surat

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Vidyalaya is one of the leading ERP solutions for educational institutions across the world. It is a fully customizable solution with major features such as SMS, Online Payment, Vehicle Tracking, Online Exam, Mobile App, Biometric, Barcode, etc.

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