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Rockford Convent High School, Gurgaon

Rockford Convent High School has located in Gurgaon, Haryana when Rockford approached us they were using another school management software with bad customer support service.


SITUATION: To get committed customer support in the remote area.

Rockford Convent High School has located in Gurgaon, Haryana is pioneer educational institution, basically situated in the area having less internet connectivity. School committed to developing a strong sense of identity, gentleness, frugality, perseverance and strong human values in students by providing good academic guidance, sports, and other co-curricular activities with emphasis on the character building.

When Rockford approached us they were using another school management software, but school wasnt getting the satisfaction they were searching because of bad customer support service. So Mr. Mukesh Dagar, Chairperson of Rockford school, first concern to Team Vidyalaya was "school is in the remote area having less internet connectivity & we need offline school management software with committed customer support services."

They also asked for major customization in their certificates & mark sheets strictly as per the norms of CBSE.



Dedicated customer support service.

We helped Rockford convent school by providing an offline solution of Vidyalaya school management software, containing all specific modules such as Student management, Fee module, assessment, resource management etc. Apart from that SMS integration was also provided to better up the communication between school and parents.

Customer support center actively co-ordinated with Rockford school to implement Vidyalaya & putting data of more than XYZ students. Vidyalaya also provided them the certificate and mark sheet customization according to their needs & requirements.

" We are experiencing amazing customer support, that we didn't get from other school management software in past, Vidyalaya helped us to recover data we lost accidently, they strive to provide excellent service to their customers"

- Mr. Mukesh Dagar, Chairperson of Rockford school



RESULT: Acquiring offline student managment system

We helped Rockford to established a student information system through which they managed strength of more than XYZ students, with the SMS integration school now regularly communicate with parents on the performance and activity of their child

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