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Case studyNavrachna International School, Vadodara
Navrachna International School, Vadodara
Navrachana is an independent, co-educational, Residential English medium school. & one of the premier schools of Vadodara in Gujarat. Most of the Parents want their child’s admission in this campus as it offers complete and well-balanced education to children. Navrachna is imparting quality education to students through its multiple number of Institutions.
Institutions of NES

- Navrachana School-Sama

- Navrachana Vidyani Vidyalaya- Sama - GSEB

- Navrachana International School-Bhayali

- Navprerna

- Navrachana Sports Academy

- Eklavya Model Residential School

- Navrachana University

For managing all these campuses from different locations they required an efficient School Management Software. This is where Vidyalaya helped them to come out of tedious administrative tasks.
Situation: Facing issues in getting combined reports for Multi-Campus Management
Navrachana is a huge campus with multiple institutions. Instead of having all facilities in the Academic sector, Resource Sector Online Payment sector etc but still they were lacking somewhere. They want to handle Hostel & Transport of Multiple Campus in single software with proper & combined reports.
The administration wants such software with the capacity of managing more than 6K plus Student data. Also, Parents wants to do the Payments online with all fees details. They tried many different software in past but they were unable to digitalize their campus effectively. So they were in search of such a software that can fulfill their requirements.
The Solution: Vidyalaya School Management Software :
With Vidyalaya School Management Software, Navrachna Campus has met its one stop solution for automation of its campus.Now using the multiple reports as they need & the way they wanted. Vidyalaya has overcome the main issues they were facing in past days. Now they are not only using combined reports of Multiple Campus but also managing their Hostel & Transport facility easily. More than 6 thousand+ entries they can do without any issue of data leakage & trust of Data security.
For secure online transaction of fees, Online Payment option is available to the parents. They have tried many other software to digitalize their campus, but were unable to digitalize completely, so Navrachana puts its trust on Vidyalaya School Management Software.
Though it was challenging phase for Vidyalaya to meet all the requirements of Navrachna Campus but Vidyalaya provided them with an efficient way to handle their requirements.
We helped NAVRACHANA to manage their Campus smoothly in an efficient way.
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