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L.P. Savani Group Of Schools, Surat

L. P. Savani Group of School has a proud tradition of being a supportive and caring community that delivers outstanding educational opportunities. L. P. Savani constantly strive to create an environment in which every student is supported to achieve the highest levels of success. Under L. P. Savani – Group of Schools, there are six schools in Surat City.

  • L. P. Savani Vidhyabhavan (Adajan)
  • L. P. Savani International (Pal)
  • L. P. Savani Academy (Vesu)
  • L. P. Savani School (Palanpor)
  • L. P. Savani Riverside School (Dabholi)
  • L. P. Savani Sanskar Valley (Mota Varachha)

Centralize All Institutes From One Place

As the L.P. Savani group manages multi-campuses they were facing issue to manage all the institutes from one place. Track the student record, daily activity like ( homework, attendance, circular) academic data, fee collection etc in an efficient way.

Also, they wanted to create a communication bridge between the parents and institute so every activity record can be informed to parents so they can track their child academic records easily on daily basis.

The trustee wanted a solution where he can see all the activities from admission to accounting of all the branches in one screen.

With a vision to completely automate their institutes and they tried multiple software but unable to map their all requirements under one roof.


A Small Glimpse Of The Service Vidyalaya Has Provided To L.P. Savani Group Of Schools,Surat

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Vidyalaya School Management Software

With Vidyalaya School Management Software, their search for automation came to an end. All the requirements under one system easily was what Vidyalaya delivered them. Their main issue was to manage all schools data from one place & Data Centralization has been done by adopting Vidyalaya Cloud Solutions.

With the different reports from the Vidyalaya they can track the record of the different institutes from one place. Management can also track the daily activity of multiple schools at their fingertips.

Also with the Vidyalaya Mobile-App the bridge between school and parents is fulfilled. Vidyalaya helps them to have direct access to below information anytime, anywhere: School Noticeboard with all your circulars & notices in Mobile App, Yearly calendar which provides you with the list of activities during the academic year,Easy Access to Daily Classwork & Homework, Quick Updates on your childs Behaviour, Pay Fees Easily with Online Payment at your convenience, Be Updated with childs Academic Performance, Events & Activity list of school, Daily attendance updates, School News & multimedia content with Youtube integration.

Parents can easily pay fees online from their Mobile Application at their convenience Anytime, Anywhere.


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We Helped L.P. Savani Group Of Schools, Surat

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