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KSVK Group Of School, Bengaluru

The KSVK group of academic institutes is one of the most well-known in and around Whitefield, Bangalore. It was founded in the year 2000 and has since grown to include three additional branches, all of which are led by Mr. K. M Marulasiddaiah. They provide possibilities for learning acquisition and all-round improvement at KSVK. They provide value education to kids in order to help them develop a feeling of authenticity, sincerity, and morality. They create the ideal atmosphere for all students to receive a high-quality education without prejudice. They think that each child is a distinctive individual and is born with the potential to excel in all areas of life. Because learning is the doorway by which each kid can express their special attributes, our organizations strive to carry out and fostering kid's natural strengths through new instructional techniques that can concurrently improve their curriculum content and extracurricular talents and capabilities.



Managing data of thousands of students of multiple campuses like their admission, Attendance, Fees, Examinations, and more details, were getting on nerves for the management. There would be long list of due payments and managing everything manually was a big task for everyone. On top of it, managing 200+ employee’s data with their payrolls, leaves, appraisals, income tax reports were a different headache too. Out of all, generating various reports for all the details and getting summarized data was impossible for the authorities.



Since KSVK Group of Schools, Bengaluru started using Vidyalaya School Management Software in Bangalore which is one of the best school ERP in India, all their headache of data management got resolved. Student management, fee module, assessment, resource management, and other particular features are included in the Vidyalaya school management software in Bengaluru. Additionally, a mobile application and online payment integration were offered to enhance effective communication between the school and parents and to keep track of all fees and dues online. Have a look at the best school app in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The client service centre worked closely with the KSVK Group of Schools in Bengaluru to implement Vidyalaya and enter data for over 3000 students and 200+ employees. Vidyalaya also customised their certificates and score record to meet their own demands and expectations.


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Vidyalaya is one of the leading ERP solutions for educational institutions across the world. It is a fully customizable solution with major features such as SMS, Online Payment, Vehicle Tracking, Online Exam, Mobile App, Biometric, Barcode, etc.

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