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Grow More Institution, Gujarat

Grow More Foundation has been founded with the sole intention of providing innovative and contemporary education in Gujarat based on a global platform ultimately leading to progress and fulfillment. Besides imparting exact academic know-how, the foundation aims to concentrate on the all-round aspects of the complete growth of the student through spiritual awareness, progressive thinking, and cultural backgrounds. With renowned academicians, literary geniuses, and international sportspersons on the advisory panel for guidance and support, the foundation plans to set new benchmarks in the educational field.


Problem Maintain A Collection Of Cash Fees Of Thousands Of Students

"Grow more Foundation is one of the largest Institutes in Gujarat which offers many kinds of educational programs to students. with 21 Collages and 3 School affiliation from universities and school boards. Maintain a collection of cash fees of thousands of students generating fees related reports, Making Progress Card of different exam patterns like SCE in GSEB Affiliated School and CCE in CBSE School, Universities related exam tests is very time-consuming and hectic job for staff. It had been expanding rapidly, with an increase in student strength as well as no of teachers. With all these it seems to be a hectic job to manage vast system .Mantaining a large number of student data is so very difficult for an Organisation..."


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The Institution wished for reliable integrated School and College management system which is easy to install and user-friendly. Vidyalaya with the student, Fees, Exam modules and given successfully by the unique methodology of training step by step to every school-collage staff.It delivered central security control enforcing all document access and editing rights.Vidyalaya investigated their difficult areas and helped them to have a smooth Customizable product which fulfills all requirements of them.Our product enables to manage the centralized flow of reports, documents in the entire organization to provide user to instant access to information.


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