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A-One School, Satellite, Ahmedabad

A-one School is one of the finest English Medium School of Ahmedabad located in posh area of Ahmedabad. School Believes in only academic education is not enough but overall development of kid is necessary for Turning a seed into a beautiful flower. The best part of school is teachers are so very co-operative and interactive to the child which leads to built childs confidence. The teachers make sure that the child is groomed in best possible manner. The School seems to be the second home for students.



Due to the big strength of students and various fees structure for different standards, the school used to face many difficulties in the context of receiving fees and maintaining accounts of fees. Due to so many faculties and other staffs in campus, it seems to be next to impossible to supervise each and every employee regularity and the task of preparing pay bill of employee presence was monotonous. School used to face situations where teaching staffs most of the time was consumed in checking OMR Sheet for Weekly tests, which leads to being difficult for teachers to spend their valuable time invaluable teaching and guiding the children.



Vidyalaya - School Management System having the master feature Bank Folio system which gives a print of Bank slip for parents to paid fees in the bank and also integrated with Vidyalaya. such as Admission, Student, Event and Activity, Certificates, Fee, Exam. And adds such integrated plugins SMS, Inventory, payroll, certificate generation, comprehensive inventory,biometric attendance management all these features of Vidyalaya provided the best solution to all the problem to A-one school. Now teachers can invest more time in teaching than in checking OMR sheet because of our OMR plugins which automatically calculates the results with accuracy. Preparing pay bill and maintaining accounts for the same can be done in short span of time.


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A-One School, Satellite, Ahmedabad

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Vidyalaya is one of the leading ERP solutions for educational institutions across the world. It is a fully customizable solution with major features such as SMS, Online Payment, Vehicle Tracking, Online Exam, Mobile App, Biometric, Barcode, etc.

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