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Case study Grow More Institution,Himmatnagar
Isha Home School, Coimbatore
SITUATION: Customization on the norms of RESIDENTAL SCHOOL
Founded in 2005 by Sadhguru, Isha Home School has located Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.Its educational process is the belief of day to day teaching. In order to provide well nourishing space for learning Isha home is a blend of 'Home' and 'School'. The pedagogical methodology of Isha homes school makes them different from other regular schools.
Isha homes requirement were mostly different from our other clients, as Isha homes is a residential school, their assessment process, and HR process was different. As their assessment was mostly based on the activity performed by students, their report card & progress card format where quite different. Isha homes the main customization was mainly in mark sheets.
When Mr. Sarada, representative of Isha homes approached with this concerns, as the strength of students they have was only 350 and customization they were asking to evolve the API (Application Programming Interface).
SOLUTION: They got what they wanted, the way they wanted.
The issues Isha homes were facing solved by the cloud-based solution we provided in the form of Vidyalaya school management software, although most of their requirements were solved with the customization they got in assessment section particularly in mark sheet generation. The customization in the resources module was also provided by Vidyalaya. Mr. Sarada visited our headquarters in Ahmedabad and provided them tour on the system we use and how we delivered the customer support services. They were quite impressed with the infrastructure & the work attitude we have to deliver our services on time.
Due to residential school, the evaluation they asked was delivered to them, in an efficient way. The school had been using all the modules effectively such as student management, fee, certificates, admission, library, accounts, employees, timetable and much more.
" We approached many school management software but none of them were able to provide assurance on the customization we needed, but our search ended when we approached Vidyalaya School management software." - Mr. Sarada, Isha Homes.
RESULT: More than 20 core module customization.
As Isha homes was a residential school it was a challenge for Vidyalaya to perform as per the expectations of school. Vidyalaya provided more than 20 core customization to Isha homes. Currently, Isha homes are managing the activities of more than 350 students with the evolved assessment module, and other modules effectively & efficiently.
As Isha homes were our first client in the form of Residential school it also helped us to push our limits to provide the one-stop solution to the campus with different requirements.
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