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How Can Admission Management Software Help Schools?

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Primary and secondary results are already out! Additionally, SSC and HSC results have been declared in the last few weeks. Now all school premises are busy entertaining the admission enquiries and gathering the leads. Automation and digitalization of admission workflows are the need for the hour. Using an admission management system for an efficient admission process has become a norm now. We already know the features of the admission system influencing the admission workflow and releasing the burden on educators during the peak admission sessions. In this blog, we will see how admission management software helps schools with advanced features rather than mere storing and managing workflow!

What is an Admission Management System?

An admission system is tailor-made software that is designed to assist educational institutes in managing massive application flow during the admission period. This is also designed to manage the routine activities of the school, like admissions, scrutinizing the list, tracking the transactions, managing follow-ups, and publishing the finalized list. Through the in-built features, the admission management system efficiently manages the entire admission lifecycle.

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The admission process lifecycle starts with admission inquiries. School administration verifies the eligibility of the applicants and asks for further documents. When all these go well, students apply online, submit the documents, and pay the fees. All these processes demand a lot of documents and the manual process is very arduous. To counter this, software aces at every stage and provides efficient results.

In today’s data-driven world, just providing a means for storing and managing the admission process is not enough. EdTech companies invest their expertise and garland the admission management software with innovative features that can enhance the functionalities and facilitate the stakeholders with advanced analytics.

What are the Key Services provided by the Admission Management Software?

Futuristic Admission management software benefits key services along with the primary intention of admission process management. Here are the additional benefits for educators:

1. Lead Management:

Many potential students drop inquiries at the school website. The efficient admission management system manages these leads and divides the information submitted by students into designated groups that can be further used by the school for lead management. Based on the information sorting, data can be divided into various criteria:

  • Inquired – Students fill out inquiry forms on the school website.
  • Primary Call – Students who have demanded a first call from the school for further process.
  • Interested – Students have shown affirmative signs and are ok to transfer to potential students.
  • Interviewed – The students and parents in this category are called for an interview.
  • Scrutinized – The final student list is prepared after this stage.
  • Rejected – List of students that are rejected at any above stages.
  • Admission Confirmed – A confirmed list of students is prepared after the consent from the school, parents, and students.

2. Transaction Management:

The admission process involves various transactions that determine the direction of the process. Like, when a student pays fees, it shows his/her final decision to get enrolled and no transaction of fee payment shows disinterest or some issue. This transaction management helps educational institutes to finalize the student list in any situation or make apt decisions. Easy search facility helps educators locate any student by entering name/id/phone number and other filters. This ease of handling the system helps users accomplish the task.

3. Follow-up Management:

Follow-up from the school is an interactive method during the admission process. It clears the doubts and gives direction to the decision-making process. But follow-up is done mostly in the form of mail/call/message. Multiple and back-to-back use of these mediums by the school may disturb the parents’ schedule. Admission management software comes with a solution to this problem. The software enables scheduling calls at a convenient time for both integrating parties. This also has a facility to generate reports of calls based on the status like planned, missed, received, and rejected calls. This will help schools to reschedule or drop the numbers from the list.

How Schools can get benefits from the admission management system?

Still, we cannot end the article without mentioning the benefits. Let’s have a quick review of them:

1. Seamless Communication:

This system improves the communication between stakeholders- parents, teachers, students, and school admin. The system promotes various communication channels, like SMS, email, message, WhatsApp, call, or app notifications. This flexibility makes the system more reliable and dynamic. The system also facilitates scheduling follow-ups and establishing communication with each other.

2. Eco-friendly Approach:

The admission process requires a lot of documents and collectively becomes a heap of files. Admission management software digitalizes the process and eliminates the need for paperwork. This step reduces carbon footprint and impacts the environment positively. Additionally, the software removes the manual handling risks and flaws of document handling and makes the process easy for everyone.

3. Access Control Management:

This system provides data privacy and safety for all stakeholders. Further, the system checks the validity of the access provided to the authorities. This limits the possibility of data breaches and other security incidents. Based on the authorized access rights, the admission system provides different access like- ‘view only’ or ‘manage’.

4. Easy accessibility:

It is almost a headache to retrieve the desired information from heaps of files in manual mode. Staff needs to remember the location of the file, also he/she needs to spend lots of energy on getting the final results. Innovative admission software provides easy but authorized access to data and avails data within a few clicks. Not only this, it ensures accurate data and represents it in a customized or standardized format with built-in reporting features.

5. User-friendly Solution:

Standing in long-stranded queues for admission, wasting time, energy, and manpower, and at the end of the day, messy school offices, irritated school staff, and getting the ambiguous status of admission, are the story of manual admission. To clean this scenario, school admins invest in admission management software. With a user-friendly UI, users operate the system with ease. Even the complex functionalities like report creation, fee payment, and application filling are accomplished without a hassle.

How can one improve the admission process with Admission Management Software?

So, here are the final points illustrating how a school can enhance the admission process:

  • It is easy to create customized inquiry and admission forms using.
  • Schools can create a separate webpage or modify the existing one to integrate the inquiry and admission process into the school website.
  • Students can see all information like admission forms, lists of documents, fee processes, and further information about admission in one place. Integration of website and school admission management can give the best and hassle-free results.
  • The Admission management system is well-designed to handle any amount of data for different sessions.

Summing it Up!

Every school faces challenges during the peak admission period. A lot of staff face massive workloads, and managing the flood of students, shuffling stacks of papers, etc. is a never-ending battle for the school. The admission management system addresses all these issues and makes life easier for educators and teams.

Vidyalaya’s products are multiple-features rich and designed specifically to deal with educational workflow issues. We delve into the transformative realm of admission software and will see an improvement in the lead conversion ratio. Experience the growth in admission and take your institute to the next level by collaborating with our admission management software!

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