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Vidyalaya – An easy way to manage your tuition class


Academic Coaching Institutes are becoming more and more popular as the schooling system becomes increasingly competitive. These days joining a coaching institute has become a common practice in our lifestyle. A lot of Students enroll themselves into these coaching institutes with the hope of achieving success.

Students moving towards the Coaching classes to enhance their academic skills, to build their confidence and speed up their learning process also cover the syllabus in advance to do more practice in exam time.

Coaching Institue includes the Students part, Teaching Staff, Fees Details, Exam result performance of Students etc. Now, let’s discuss how Tuition Class Management Software covers all these functionalities. With the help of this Tuition class management software, Coaching Institutes can have the record of bulk data of Students as well as Tutors or we can say the Teaching Staff, also can have the student’s academic performance record graphically & the major role is the Fee calculation with GST Model.

So, here we discuss how GST works with Tuition Class Management Software.

  • No more Calculation

  • Easy steps to process

  • Reports generation

  • Simple and easy online procedure

  • Eliminates the scope of double taxations

  • Reduces Tax Compliance & Transaction Cost

Steps for Generating GST Receipts from Vidyalaya School ERP:

  • Set the Basic Configuration for GST in Admin Tool > Configuration

  • Selection of Receipt Book in Receipt Book Master for GST


  • In this way, Vidyalaya School ERP helps the Coaching Institutes to deal with complex GST calculations.

    We know there are even more features which our valuable customers would like to have it in Vidyalaya School ERP. In every release we try our best to include features that can improve the user experience. Ultimately, your success is our success as Customer is our King.

8th March 2018: International Women’s day-What to expect from Society?


Women’s Day is just tomorrow & everywhere we see people posting stuff on social media, talking & discussing about women empowerment, their equality & their freedom. But is it enough just doing it for a day?

Women’s Empowerment is more to give to her by oneself not when she has to fight for it.

So what is women Empowerment according to you?

Women Empowerment is when she enjoys equal rights of freedom not just in books but in reality too when the decisions she makes are trusted, the leadership qualities are accepted when it’s from her. Then we can say YES my country is actually giving women the rights she deserves.

We see leaders, people everyone speaking about social financial, political, psychological, cultural & intellectual development of women but the headlines of rapes, Physical abuse, dowry killing, domestic violence, female feticide & infanticides still puts an unheard question on the society.

The gender inequality is the biggest discrimination you can do to a woman while coming on education. Still, in our country, the female literacy rate is less than the male literacy rate. The drop out ratio of girls is also higher after primary education. Though the government of India has initiated many programs for girl’s education still no proper implementation is done on the common grounds.

Since ancient times girls are always preferred to do the household tasks & considered on the weaker side of the society in comparison with their male counterpart. As studies say, there are 29 states in our country but only 2 of them are with 100% literacy rate which clearly states the need to educate a woman is always considered less important according to our mentality.

As the quote goes “A women with knowledge is a respectable woman, she has the power to make people listen to her and the charisma that makes people follow her.” Same way educating a woman will lessen various social issues in society.

From this woman’s day, we at Vidyalaya school management ERP software salutes all woman for their contribution in making our nation proud.

Let’s choose the smarter way for the fees payment..!!

online fee payment

As day by day people’s lives are being hectic and the major thing in today’s life educating a child is more like a task. And then paying fees of child by waiting for hours in line & taking care of all the receipts which we have paid is more time consuming & is like ancient method where there was no digitization.

So to get rid of all these kinds of tasks, the alternate method of cash payment is online fees payment.

As trends towards digitization are increasing day by day online payment is a growing choice for everyone.

Different sectors of the society are working hard to implement electronics payment in day to day life, so demand for online payment system in the educational sector is equally growing for both the parents as well as the school management to integrate the online payment with the school management software is must.

Vidyalaya one of the leading School management software provides various integrations for easy working of school. Vidyalaya’s online fee payment module can help you to do transactions anywhere, anytime within minutes.

How Online Fee Payment Is It Use Full For User Of Vidyalaya?

Vidyalaya, helps parents to pay their ward’s fees easily within their fingertips.With Vidyalaya online fees payment feature, we make sure fees of the students are paid online effortlessly.

Why the need of Online Payment came?

– Cashless Transaction

– Parents need not wait in queues for payment

– No wastage of time

– Paper-less transaction

– Secure process

– Efficient process

– Online fees payments are faster.

– Easy Administration

– More Accuracy

– Hassle free payments

– Avoid Late Fees

Let’s see how online fee payment works in Vidyalaya?

In student center, there is link Online Fee Pay where it will redirect to the page where students all the fee detail will display


After selecting fee Collection Group name click on View Fee Detail it will display the fee details of the student.


After that select pay type and also there student name, email and mobile number will display. Select the pay type agree terms and condition and click on Pay Fee will redirect to the payment gateway.


Fill all the details and click on pay and payment will done.


That’s how Vidyalaya online fee payment works with simple and easy steps and makes the fee payment system easier and effortless.

School ERP Software – Single Solutions for Multifaceted problems


Schools – An Integral & Important part of the Society. Schools play an important role in the social development. Children the future of any nation spends most of their quality time in Schools. Schools nurture the students to grow & develop their unique individuality. Schools provide the environment in which the roots of the children grow & they become a strong individual to contribute to the growth of society. With this huge responsibility on schools, managing the tedious administrative task manually is not possible. So here is where School ERP becomes helpful to manage these tasks efficiently.…

Experts Worried: No Indian Institute among Top 200 World Universities


“Sometimes the Hardest thing and the Right thing are the Same”


Hello Readers, Today we will discuss the latest education updated news of World University Rankings 2018. The above thought is true in terms of education as we all accept the hardest things but that things are always right. We cannot defend it by saying that in terms of education. Indian education institutes are not in top 200 universities.…

When we think we learn we Cease to Know


“It takes a big Heart to shape a Little Mind”

Happy Teacher’s day Guys…! We always think of a teacher or a guide who protects us from each & every problem of ours. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan well said that “When we think we cease to know”. Appropriate and easy to understand right? They said that experience is the best teacher & also what you learn to form it, is a lifetime lesson.…

Vidyalaya Expanding Branches across INDIA


“Education is a part where you are always a beginner”

Well said! Vidyalaya school management software is a great pathway which has traveled a long journey from beginner to an expert. As we all know that education brings the warmth in statistics of literacy, now Vidyalaya is expanding its wings in India & strengthening our roots in Gujarat.…

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